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SS Handbook

Translated by Melkor

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Only the National Socialist world view secures us a kind-appropriate life

“National Socialism is a cool-headed theory of reality with the strongest scientific insights and its mental characteristics. By opening the heart of our people to this doctrine, we do not desire to fulfill it with a mysticism that is beyond the purpose and aim of our teaching.”

-Adolf Hitler

What does “worldview” mean?

It is necessary to explain this concept first, especially in view of the fact that the present war has become a total confrontation of different worldviews. “Weltanschauung” means simply looking at the world. In a broader sense, a world view is the epitome of all the thoughts and ideas of a community of people about the world and life. Every world view is conditioned and shaped by the whole existence of man, such as race, education, environment and experience. Worldviews are therefore an expression of human life forms and vice versa. “Already in the word “Weltanschauung” lies the solemn proclamation of the decision to base all actions on a specific starting point. Such an opinion can be right or wrong. It is the starting point for the statement on all phenomena and processes of life and thus a binding and binding law for every activity. The more now one such conception coincides with the natural laws of organic life,the more useful will be their conscious application for the life of a people.”

-The Fuhrer on the Reich Party Day 1933

The National Socialist Worldview

The National Socialist Worldview emerged from the findings of the racial, bloody and moral basic forces of the German people. It is made of the unspoiled and healthiest ingredients of the people themselves. So it is not a foreigner theory that is practical through a community effort to realize it, but the announcer and a watchman of a kind-appropriate life. The life of the German People has itself produced the National Socialist worldview in its most original order. As a result, this worldview can not be chosen or taken by anyone, but it itself takes possession of all that, the laws of people and of life, and it forces them into its spell.

National and Social Community


The connection of the national and the socialist thought has given the Party its name and lets us speak of National Socialist Worldview. The Fuhrer says: “The great cultural achievements of humanity have always been the highest achievements of the community life of the people, of the race; they are therefore in their image the expression of the communal soul and ideals.” Thus, National Socialism is committed to the natural view of life, as it lies in the blood and has always been in our Germanic ancestors. But it also overcame the individualistic-materialist ideas of liberalism and Marxism. With the confession to the concept of the blood community and the establishment of the socialist community, the nationalization of the Germans took place. “With sword and plow for honor and freedom louder, therefore, the battle-cry of a new race, which wants to build a new empire and seeks standards by which it can fruitfully judge its action and its pursuit. This call is nationalistic and socialist!”

-Alfred Rosenberg: “Myth of the XX. Century “, p. 534

National Socialism – a Natural Worldview


If we trace our history back to the earliest Germanic prehistoric times, the following expressions of life of the Germanic-German man become apparent:

1. His upright, proud and blood-conscious manner, the nobility of his mind and his war likeness, which finds its expression in soldierly hardness and determination and his fighting spirit, in his high conception of honor and freedom, loyalty and obedience and leadership.

2. His high sense of community (family, clan, people) and his willingness to make sacrifices or these blood communities.

3. His peasantly genuine, strong, simple and simple nature, his attachment to the soil, his love for his place.

4. His high creative power, which made him the founder of the cultures and states of the Occident and thus, from antiquity to today, the ordering and determining factor in the coexistence of the peoples.

5. His deep faith. This is the basis of National Socialism. He confesses to the high values of Germanic humanity, whereby it must be emphasized that the idealism of our view has nothing to do with enthusiasm and fantasy. National Socialism is a life-blooded people’s community and service to the people as a supreme law for every German person. It is the teacher of blood and honor.A major component of the National Socialist doctrine is the demand for achievement for the community and hardness against itself. With this life-connected basic conception, National Socialism stands in irreconcilable opposition to the worldview of materialism, whose ‘Instigator’ is the Jew and his vassal peoples. This war represents the inexorable conflict between these two worlds of ideas. “In the reality of politics, National Socialism realizes what we, with a religious heart, see and believe in brave spirit as necessary and right. It is the fate of our people. It is the mastery of the hereditary world and the environment: it puts the myth of blood and honor into words. It focuses our eyes again on the essential events of blood and soil. It restores our Thinking, faith and action to the eternal order of the world in us and in the world around us. It gives us the confidence and the opportunity to reverently penetrate the lawfulness of omnipotence and, according to its laws, also to orient the order that is set and shaped by us so that it becomes law-abiding and true to life. Because only then is the future of our people safe, clear and certain.”

-Stengelv. Rutkowskı: Of omnipotence and order of life

The meaning of the personality

If we see the individual as a servant of the people’s community, it does not mean that it is absorbed in the masses. Genuine national community can not grow out of massiveness, but only of strong personalities. A healthy forest needs strong trees! National Socialism, then, emphasizes the value of the personality, which is hot, but not for the sake of its own sake, because there is no such thing, in truth, for its own sake. It exists only as a bloodless thought- construction and contradicts the laws of life,according to which humans are born into the naturally grown orders of family, clan and people.National Socialism wants the personality fully developed in all abilities and capacities, a bloodthirsty, strong-willed and strong character, the highest achievement for the people’s willing. The means of creating this human type is in the sense of the National Socialist worldview. The means of creating this type of human being is education in the sense of the National Socialist Worldview.

The prerequisite for this is the cleanliness and higher development of our blood through rearing. The Fuhrer says: “We have the great task to give more and more to the true spirit of the Volksgemeinschaft and to work out the personality value ever more clearly.” The Struggle as a National Socialist law of life We regard struggle as an inalienable law of life, for only in the eternal struggle, the precondition of all selection, do personalities and hard peoples grow. Great things are born only in battle.

“Whoever wants to live, who fights, and who does not want to fight in this world of eternal wrestling, does not deserve life.”

-Adolf Hitler

Fighting designed the German. Through his life, fighting accompanies his entire existence: struggle with himself, struggle with destiny, struggle with the hostile environment. In tenacious struggle, he masters fate and fights for himself and his people the essential and thus God wanted life form. Fighting is the German human divine law for formation and education, for hardness. “Praised be that which makes hard.” That is why he rejects the previously taught principle of humble allegiance to fate.

Struggle and hardship are the main elements of National Socialism. It is therefore the worldview of the strong, the militant man. National Socialism springs from genuine soldiering. It is with his combative basic trait the soldier’s Worldview. But the soldier’s sacrificial mission is the most visible socialism. The soldier is the first socialist in the Reich. The soldier in particular must accept National Socialism with a special readiness in his heart and be his most fanatical confessor. From this militant attitude, National Socialism abhors a softening well-being. He is the mortal enemy of egoism and materialism, leading to a dissolute life. He demands simplicity, hardship and straightness in life. The strong, genuine peasant and the hard soldier should benefit every German, no matter whether he serves his people in the city or in the country, with the weapon or the workbench.

“If the fight for a world view is not led by self-sacrificing heroes, no death-defying fighters will be found in a short time,” -Adolf Hitler: “Mein Kampf” p. 114 Commitment to honor and loyalty We profess our honor and loyalty, both of which are inextricably linked. The concept of honor is the center of Germanic existence in general. The lives of our ancestors revolved around honor and glory, freedom, courage and pride. Her life was always pure and great, as long as honor had precedence.

“Germanic Europe gifted the world with the brightest ideal of humanity;with the doctrine of the character value as the basis of all civilization, with the high song on the highest values of the Nordic being, on the idea of freedom of conscience and honor. ” -Alfred Rosenberg In recent centuries, the high conception of honor has been greatly affected by the ideas of humility and humanity. The Führer once again made the honor the starting point of all German life. Honor is the inner law, the conscience that dictates all our actions and our attitude towards the community. It is never related to itself, but finds its actual interpretation in the relationship of the ego to the community. Germanic-German marriage presumption makes one’s own ego withdraw in favor of the honor of the people. Our National Socialist worldview, with its life and blood laws, is based on honor. The socialist idea of volunteering for the people and striving to keep our blood pure develops out of honor. But he who has honor in his body will never abandon his comrade, his people or even his leader. For loyalty grows out of honor.

My honor is loyalty The leader gave the SS-man the slogan that commits him to the first soldier of National Socialism for now and for the future: “SS-man, your honor is loyalty!” “Many things on this earth can be forgiven, but one never: infidelity.” The fidelity we have sworn to the leader, must be as sacred to us as the fidelity to the German people, his will and his way, fidelity to the Blood, to our ancestors and grandchildren, loyalty to our kind, faithfulness to the comrades and loyalty to the immutable laws of decency, cleanliness and chivalry. The nobility of the German man is shown by a high level of honor and loyalty.

“Let us all be committed to these principles and close the great circle of our fellowship, strong in the trust of our people, filled with faith in our mission and prepared for every sacrifice that the Almighty demands of us. Then Germany, the National Socialist Third Reich will pass through this time of distress, sorrow and grief, armed with the metal that alone makes the knight survive without fear and blame in the fight against death and the devil: the strong heart of iron. ”

-Adolf Hitler


Laws of life – the basis of our worldview

“By trying to rebel against the iron logic of nature, man struggles with the principles to which he himself owes his existence as a human being. So his action against nature must lead to his own destruction.”

-Mein Kampf

The laws of life Life on this earth is under iron laws: birth, becoming, waxing, maturing, aging and death outline a part and are aware of us consciously and unconsciously. These laws apply to all life, to humans, animals and plants. In addition we have to recall all that we have in the following words. referred to: struggle for existence, selection, fertility, race, heredity, environmental impact and development.Fight for existence. Every living thing must fight for food and reproduction. It is necessary to assert oneself in the struggle for existence. The struggle for existence is determined by three factors:

1. natural enemies

2. actual environment (climate, etc.),

3. its own specific characteristics In the struggle for existence, the one who, for whatever reason, wipes out lifeless more people in this fight asserts himself.

“Who wants to live, let him fight, and who does not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle, does not deserve life.”

-Mein Kampf

The struggle for existence in human life should not be confused with lack of scruples, elbow room, exploitation and so on. These are expressions of the disabled, the asocial, the degenerate. Life has added to this law the natural sense of community or community instinct.

Pacifism represents the strongest denial of the law of struggle. What does elite mean? The struggle for existence causes a constant reading of the better ones. Those who assert themselves are preserved and can reproduce, while the unfit, the bad for life are eradicated.

“If you are too weak, you can not become a blacksmith. Anyone who has clumsy fingers can not successfully practice the profession of a precision mechanic. Many professions require special intelligence. So one can generally say that the members of almost all professions are groups of elites in different directions.”

What does fertility mean?

For some species, their fertility is the only effective weapon in the struggle for existence. They can only assert themselves when they appear in masses. Fertility also plays an important role in the conflict between peoples. The danger which the fertility of one people can pose for another is shown by the present discussion in the East. Above all, the high-quality peoples must observe this law, otherwise they are doomed.

“But the end will be that one day such a people will be taken away from existence in this world; For man can defy the eternal laws of conservation for some time, but revenge will come sooner or later. A stronger generation will drive away the weak, for the urge to live life in its final form will break again and again all the ridiculous fetters of a so called humanity of the individual, in order to replace it with the humanity of nature, which destroys weakness to give the place to strength. Therefore, anyone who wants to secure existence for the German people by means of self-restraining their multiplication robs them of the future.”


-Mein Kampf

What does race mean?


A race is a group of beings with the same inheritable basic characteristics. The Fuhrer taught us the importance of the race, the knowledge and the value of the meaning of the blood.

His teaching says:

1. that humanity consists of different races;

2. That every nation fully fleshed out can live only by its blood conditioned laws;

3. That our people are of a blood-pool of predominantly Nordic blood;

4. that our people must live by the laws that govern northern blood;

5. that world history, in addition to the struggle for living space, represents the struggle of racial worldviews.

Equality of all that carries human face is contrary to experience and observation (Negro – White). The diversity of people is a fact. Diversity is the lower, the closer people are related (family resemblance, tribal similarity). Every race has the qualities that are adapted to its living conditions and thus to one another; it forms a harmonic unit. By crossing this harmony is naturally disturbed, it creates an imbalance. Countries with a pronounced mixed-race population (America) can not pursue a consistent, purposeful and clear policy as a result of their racial disunity. They are constantly interrupted by rebellions, revolutions and power struggles in their development. In contrast, peoples with a racially uniform leadership are essentially stable in their development. The history of humanity is the story of race battles. The story of a people is its race destiny. If the history-making race perishes, then the land becomes desolate, it becomes history-less.

“All the great cultures of the past only perished because the original creative race died of blood poisoning.”

“No, there is only one most sacred human right, and that right is at the same time the most sacred obligation, namely, to make sure that the blood is kept pure in order to give, through the preservation of the best humanity, the possibility of a nobler development of these beings.”

-Mein Kampf

What do we need to know about inheritance?

Inheritance means preserving everything good, but also everything bad. Through them, you transfer your skills and characteristics to your children. The laws of life of race and elite are incomprehensible without the fact of inheritance. Although this law was considered to be valid for animals and plants, opponents of this relationship want to give people a special position. However, it has been shown by the results of race, family, and twin research that the law of heredity applies to man, of course. Inheritance shows us that we can not go beyond the scope of inherited heritage. Here man is subject to a natural limitation. Inheritance is destiny.

What does environment mean?

By the term “environment” we mean all the forces that act on the being from the outside, ie: space, enemies, climate, education, etc. Decisive is the hereditary system; the environment can not change this. In contrast to hereditary theory is the environmental theory, which wants to interpret all cultural phenomena as an effect of the environment. Marxism has its most essential basis in environmental theory. In the followers of the environmental theory, especially the education is given a great importance. However, education is only possible in the context of genetic engineering. You can not make a hero out of a cowardly child, you can not turn a fool into an intelligent man. The environment does not shape, but has a long-term effect, meaning sieving and breeding.

“However much soil, for example, can affect people, the result of influence will always be different, depending on the breeds in question. The low fertility of a habitat may spur the one race to the highest achievements, in another it will only bring about the cause of bitter poverty and finite malnutrition with all its consequences. The inner predisposition of peoples is always decisive for the type of impact of external influences. What leads to starvation in some of them leads others to hard work.”

-Mein Kampf

The developmental idea

As the earth has gradually emerged, so has life developed on it. Every living thing reaches in an uninterrupted chain over reproduction and multiplication into the remotest prehistoric times. The fact of development in nature disturbs dogmatic worldviews. The developmental thought has overturned the idea of creation; this is its political significance, also in the field of ideology.

The life-law worldview

“I prophesy here, as well as the knowledge of the orbit of the earth around the sun, to a revolutionary reorganization of the general worldview. If guided, then the blood and race doctrine of the National Socialist movement will result in a revolution in the knowledge and thus in the picture of the history of the human past and future.”

-Mein Kampf

What do you have to know about racial thought?

The race idea spans all areas of life. He gives the freedom of action for the right choice of the spouse and thus determines your and the fate of your children, family and clan.

He gives you a firm position in your people, your state, your continent and in the community of peoples. It demands your kind performance and action and promises you a completely happy existence. Biological thinking creates reasonable standards for evaluating things. It gives you power to make clear decisions, shows what you can and should do and thereby leads to the formation of the personality. The construction of the idea of race always leads to the organic order of life and not to imperialism, to the ecclesiastical or political system. The race-bound thinking affirms the natural life and the willingness of the spirit to enjoy, not only the individual, but also the peoples. It promises everyone his and denies unjustified claims of individuals.

The adversaries of the racial idea Thus the one opponent of the race idea wants the equality of the humans. Such a principle creates for him because it is un-biological and thus unnatural, the tensions, desires and demands, the dissatisfaction and thus the presupposition of his power. Thus, the other opponent wants the spiritual attachment to life-hostile laws (dogmas), taking advantage of the religious feelings of humanity and thus created only the prerequisite of life-legally unnecessary existence.Thus, a third adversary, Bolshevism, consciously destroys all manifestations of the natural order of life, such as family, joy in children, one’s own home, attachment to home and soil, attachment to clan and ancestors. He wants complete eradication of all natural facts and thus creates the conditions for carrying out his plans. Today we recognize from our thinking in terms of life law, why Bolshevism; in order to get it, it has to act like that.

We fight for the Eternity of our People

“Our National Socialist program uses the blood related and ground-bound people in place of the liberalist concept of the individual and the Marxist concept of humanity. A very simple and succinct sentence, but of enormous impact. For the first time, perhaps, ever since there is a history of mankind, knowledge has been directed in this land to the fact that of all the tasks which are placed before us, the most honorable, and most sacred, to man is the preservation of the blood-blessed nature given by God. ”

– Mein Kampf

National Socialism brought Germany the rebirth after the decline in 1918. It rearranged German life according to our blood. The Fuhrer created the Reich and united in it all the tribes of German blood.The racial science becomes the basis of the structure of people and the state out of the knowledge that all values and cultural achievements are bound to the genetic material. The doctrine of the equality of all people was opposed to racial doctrine.

The Volk Our Volk has grown out of the forces of his blood, carried on through inheritance and read out by the conditions of the environment. For in the struggle for life prove only the most talented. They alone have the courage to pass on their life to many offspring, while the less affirmed fear the seriousness of the struggle for life, and hope that they are able to lighten their living conditions with a few children. As a result, their hereditary traits are gradually eliminated from the totality of the people. Thus, the existing genetic make-up of the natural stock of our Volk came about, which can be either maintained, improved or worsened by the continuation. We must always be aware of this God-given law of life and act accordingly, for our attitude is one of the determining factors in the form and character of our people.

We therefore demand respect for the hereditary values of our people.We recognize the reservation of space as a necessary environment for this people.We demand a Volkisch world view and knowledge of God, which we can understand from our national character. We demand a volkisch policy, a kind-appropriate law and economic order; an art that has grown and is supported by the family and the community; we want a language, our national character, and a history, which shows us the struggle for existence of the different tribes of our people.

The orientation of the people Essential for the preservation or promotion of a certain racial shape is, in addition to the fundamental preservation of good genes, the creation of an environment favorable to this “race”. This can only be achieved if a conscious orientation of the national community is based on these laws (breeding goal) and the bearers of this community live accordingly.

The preservation of the people


“For the first time in this Reich it is possible for man to apply the gift of knowledge and insight given to him by the Almighty to those questions which are of greater importance for the preservation of his existence than any victorious wars or successful economic battles! The greatest revolution of National Socialism is to have opened the door to knowledge that all mistakes and errors of man are conditioned by time and thus can be improved, except for one thing: the error about the importance of preservation of his blood, of his kind and thus of the form given to him by God and of the being given to him by God.”

– Mein Kampf

We know from the laws of life and history that peoples do not die out, but are born out, that is, only the people, who forget their task of passing on their lives to the generations to come, sink back into nothingness.

The People’s State

Neglect of the blood question is the cause of the downfall; Birth decline, dysgenics, race-mixing and birth defects are the pitfalls and causes for the change of an overall picture.

The eternal people

We fight for our wives and children and thus for the eternal life of our people, not only in the present great struggle, but always and everywhere. Therefore, we must work for a life order of our people, which ensures its eternal life also internally. This, however, can only be an order that preserves and promotes the good and precious blood, but oppresses and exalts the inferior and alien, an order that allows the clans of the people to grow in the soil of the home.

Fight against the inferior

Legal measures can lead to the elimination of unwanted, diseased genetic material.

“Law on the Prevention of Diseased offspring.” Furthermore, it is possible to keep them away from reproduction through preventive detention of habitual criminals. The “Nuremberg Laws” for the protection of German blood and honor are the guarantor that foreign blood interference does not shift the overall character of the people’s hereditary traits.

“The demand that defective people be made impossible for the generation of other equally defective people is a demand of the clearest reason and in its planned implementation means the most human act of humanity. It will spare millions of unfortunate undeserved suffering, but subsequently lead to a rising recovery. ”

– Mein Kampf

To promote good genetic material


In addition to measures to eliminate unwanted inherited genetic laws for the promotion of good genetic material of the direct propagation of good genes are used. The “marriage health law” for the protection of the hereditary health of the German people prevents the mixing of good hereditary dispositions with unwanted ones. The “betrothal and marriage order” not only allows the timely education for the examination of the spouse, but in the same way prevents the spread of unwanted genetic material. The “Maternity Protection Act” serves to secure the expectant mother and the undisturbed care of the infant. What does the term breed mean? The breeding thought was something natural for our ancestors.

Family or clan chiefs ensured the preservation of the best and most capable of both sexes. The legal measures promoting or preventing them alone are not enough to sustain a people in the same way forever.

Spouse choice

Each marriage of a family member means taking up a new genetic material in the clan association. Therefore, the choice of a spouse is not only of decisive importance for the immediate participants, but also for their descendants. The choice of a woman gives the husband the only possibility in life to improve or spoil the genotype of the future race. Health or illness, aptitude or incompetence of offspring are decided by the choice of spouses. In this decisive step, not position and wealth, but only mental and physical efficiency, must prevail. It is clear that the one who has the certainty that he is the bearer of ominous heredity must renounce it. The choice of spouses is the most important step in the life course and for the passing on of life. Therefore, it is necessary that all questions in this decision be taken with all sharpness possible.

Summary of our demands

Keep your health good and, as long as you are in the developmental stages, be abstemious in terms of pleasure poisons (alcohol, nicotine) and sexual activity. (The Nordic man in general generally does not reach maturity until late.) Wedding as early as possible. Only then will you fully enjoy the family happiness.

Do not marry a stranger. You are responsible to your people and your descendants for the purity of the blood.Do not marry a wife with genetic conditions. Otherwise you are to blame for the suffering of your own children and grandchildren. Choose only a perfectly healthy woman. The true picture of your future wife’s condition and health will be shown by her clan.Your wife should be at least as full of zeal as you are. Make your and your children’s environment as natural as possible. Avoid kinship because unfavorable genetic traits are almost always hidden from you and then develop twice in your children. Only the largest possible number of children guarantees the development of your genome. Especially the most famous men often come from large families. Biological work must be performed to fulfill the duties of a professional. Only both together make the life achievement. Remember that nature demands the struggle for the precious. It is not easy to satisfy the conditions of selection. Only what you get in a hard fight makes you truly happy. First and foremost is the preservation and promotion of our people and their people. This task is our life and struggle.

“National Socialism has no starting point for its reflections, statements and decisions, either in the individual or in humanity. It consciously puts into the center of his whole thinking the people.”

“The great cultural achievements of men were at all times the highest achievements of the community life of the people, the race; they are therefore in their creation and in their image the expression of the communal soul and ideals.”

Mein Kampf

The Higher Development of our People

Life-law thinking recognizes the development in nature. This obliges us to strive for a higher development of our people. But the most important fundamental law for the order of life of our people is that what is ethical is the preservation of the German People’s preservation of their species. It is immoral what is worthy of the preservation of the German people.

“Our cult means exclusively: care for the natural and therefore also for the divine. Our humility is the unconditional bow to the divine laws of existence that we are made aware of and their respect. Our prayer is: Brave fulfillment of the resulting Obligations. ”

-The Fuhrer at the NSDAP Rally in 1938

Are we godless?


We have had to hear this allegation again and again today and in previous years. We often clenched our fists in silent bitterness about such abuse by a group of people who believed that we could criticize us out of the security of a supposed belief. If you were forced to admit the successes of National Socialism in all areas, the last “but” was still the refuge for the argument of godlessness. We have learned that there is no discussion with such people.

We are towering over such slander. We no longer think about talking about our beliefs to everyone. Let’s look at the leader. Who has not repeatedly felt his holy belief in an almighty providence in his great speeches? How often has the Fuhrer known that in all his actions he knows that Providence is the calling of which he feels.

“I, too, am religious, deeply religious, and I believe that Providence weighs people and does not determine who is greater than those who cannot stand the test of Providence but break it. It is a natural necessity that only the strongest are left in the selection. ”

-The Fuhrer on November 8, 1943

If all words and concepts are unable to express our faith, the sublime work of the Fuhrer shows us that his and thus our faith is deeply imbued with a real awareness of God.

Are we fighting the church?

This reproach has always been made against us by internal enemies together with the first; that is what our external enemies accuse us of today in the most spiteful way. The Fuhrer has emphasized infinitely that the Church and its priests always enjoy the protection of the state provided that they are dedicated exclusively to pastoral care and do not contravene the political will of the people. Too often and too gladly, the confrontation of the individual with an old doctrine is equated with “state tolerated” attacks against the church. Basically, it can be said that at all times and for all peoples there were upheavals in the religious field; one will not want to deny the right of our time to be allowed to seek a belief in God that is in our nature.

The racial idea – the core thesis of the National Socialist worldview

Our concept of race is only an expression of a worldview that recognizes a divine command in the higher development of man.

“If the world is God’s creation, the natural laws according to which the universe is transformed and developed must be divine laws. However, the laws that are particularly valid for us humans are those that shape our heritage and our environment. That is why racial knowledge is the highest knowledge for us. Everything else must be based on it. So if for us life, race, work, nature, home are high and highest values, then not because of arbitrariness, but because all of these things lead to God, to the meaning of life, to a life-appropriate order, Morality and faith leads.”

(Stengel-v. Rutkowski: Of omnipotence and order of life.)

We therefore believe that the races are part of the divine world order. Racial care, racial unity and race selection are therefore divine imperatives. The purer the races are in themselves, the purer and richer they will be able to develop their inherent skills and abilities, the greater their contributions to the meaningful fulfillment of human order.

The people as a link in the order of creation

The starting point for National Socialist teaching is the people. In it we recognize the visible work of a divine will to order. That is why the sharpest opponent of National Socialism is any form of international leveling, whether political or religious. Because only through belonging and confession to the people does the individual stand under the true law of God. This law obliges him to use his life in the sense of God’s order. That is why, for us National Socialists, a violation of the moral principles of our people, of repentance and obedience means real blasphemy. A man’s highest imperative is towards his people.

“My will, that must be our confession – it is your Faith! My belief rests in me – just like you – everything in this world! But the highest thing that God has given me in this world is my people! My faith rests in it, I serve it with my will, and I give it my life.”

-The Fuhrer on May 1935.

Kinship and family as God-given life-conservation institutions

“Caring for the natural and thus also for the divine will is our most sacred task,” says the Fuhrer. Since family and clan are the real bearers of the people, the bond with them means service to the people, worship. This ministry is free from any mystical semi-darkness of cult acts. The highlights of life, birth, naming, betrothal, wedding and death become a celebration and festive event in the family and clan community alone. Both of you, in the middle of which steps on the path of man only gain the greatest sense, also shape the forms of these events. We place family and clan as a divine order against uprooting and massing and the homelessness of an international disenfranchised proletariat. Real faithfulness against pious dishonesty The opponent is only happy to accuse us of religious crimes or to accuse us of “paganism”. He hypocritically described the desecration of European domes, monuments and cultural sites as necessary for the destruction of barbarism. We oppose this will to annihilate the unshakable belief in a just, divine order. The enemy will be mistaken about the strength of our faith. The belief in a meaningful world order grew out of the National Socialist understanding of the damage done to this world. It is the backbone of our political will, which emerged victorious from the struggle of the movement and which will also victoriously end this struggle.

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