That There Is No Future In This System Has Become Clear

That There Is No Future In This System Has Become Clear

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Brett Stevens 

Individualism motivates the average person. That is: me first, everyone else pays for it, someone else schedules it and cleans up. Unless aimed toward a transcendental goal of goodness, excellence, or supremacy by culture the average human simply wallows in himself and indulges his aims, then blames whoever is richer or more powerful when this fails him.

Our system built itself on individualism. This allowed it to manipulate the herd as if there was actual unity, while in fact ruling through control, or the psychological habit of disallowing certain methods in order to leave only things which affirm the regime as options.

Political correctness works the same way. It sabotages any idea except egalitarianism and then uses peer pressure and passive-aggressive bullying to enforce this on other people. Thus if you do not repeat the dogma of the herd, you are excluded from the social arrangements that guarantee you success.

Then there is the Boomer method, which is to attach conditions to every option except the one you want, making it painful to do anything but what you desire but will not explicitly state. This was considered clever back in the 1940s and it will endure for another ten years then end suddenly.

The big point we can take away from this is that systems based on manipulation and control fall just like totalitarian ones. At some point, everyone is boxed in by the need to argue from rules and precedents, since they can only compromise and trade-off so much before becoming incoherent and the options they need are blocked or sabotaged anyway.

The West has run out of room to maneuver. If we wanted to make our society work, we would have to slash or eliminate the social welfare programs, downsize government, stop immigration, and reduce laws. But to get each of those things done, you have to trade something else or come up with a crisis, and this makes it too complex to get anything done.

Ronald Reagan ran into the same problem. He wanted to save the country from the Soviets. However to do this, he had to trade with the Left and manipulate people with big symbolic crises and soaring patriotism, and this seriously limited his ability to achieve much beyond defeating the Soviets.

We could see the Left as descendants of those who simply like to limit others. Their whole goal is to create a massive weight that resists change of thinking, which occurs in constant variations on themes but ends up at the same places because the universe runs by consistent principle.

At this point, we are not seeing the failure of the West. Its death occurred a century ago and we are a remnant holding on to what can be if we start doing what we did that made us succeed. We are seeing the end of the idea of one human species, one truth for everyone, and one rule for every case.

With that goes away equality, and eventually democracy, but it starts with diversity. Every time we try to act, the massive overhead of diversity and government tie our hands and hold us down. Now that the diversity has attacked, and other diversity has supported it, it is clear that we are in WW3 conditions.

This new war is not an ideological war but a clash of civilizations. The Global South — the former third world, BRICS, and everyone poor and not un-admixed White — is attacking the first world. They mean to end us so that they can rule and, in a new level of mediocrity, never have to change their thinking or adapt to reality again.

Right now there is still some competition in governments. As we say about the West, it is terrible but everyone else is worse. This is what the thirdworlders want to eliminate: anything that rises above the mediocre normal. For everyone to be accepted, there can be no standards higher than a flat average which will be imposed on all.

The Left wants perpetual rule. They recognize that the voters are nuts and will never make sane decisions. They think that an elite of the “educated” will apply a socialist world federalist agenda, achieve peace, and let humanity live under Star Trek and Brave New World style conditions.

However, on their path to this they have had to hold power for too long, which means that now their plans, policies, and programs have been implemented for long enough for us to see that they are failing and more time, energy, and money will not save them. They are defective by design.

Consequently the Left embarked on a mad rush to secure power but once they got that power, they started pathologically doing what they always do — take from the productive to give to the unproductive — and in the process sabotaged the societies they were taking over and alienated their people from the Left and its dubious ideals.

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