The brave new world of Climate Activism

The brave new world of Climate Activism

I’ve been scrolling through my Google feed and all I see are journos praising vandalism. Journalists will applaud you for defending the climate, whether it’s to ruin an artwork or something historically significant. It doesn’t matter “because it has protective glass.” Imagine being Adolf Hitler and a gay nigga (pardon my language) sticks the rainbow flag on your artwork, Because of how the media portrays what happened now everyone believes you’re gay.  Similar to how ‘historians’ will support the notion that the Greeks were gay.

It’s just so odd how Journalists will call out the radicalism behind liberalism or an idea they are contributing to and permit it to occur or act as though nothing ever happened. The looting of businesses and private properties are allowed, Pedophilia is allowed it’s even made better now that the world is influenced by the American government, this current establishment where it supports gay orgies and pro-gay activities to benefit from having the most votes from what? From literal satanists that adopts children and rape them, it’s permitted by the Torah to have intercourse with a 3 year old btw but the world isn’t Jewish, most are baptized under Catholicism not Judaism but once you get into a peaceful protest about God loving everyone, about converting the miserable just like Kai Schwemmer (kek), The media will compete on who gets to write a hit piece about you first or who gets to write it the earliest, Doxxing your family members, digital transactions, probably your address too if they get lucky enough to find you. I’m not upset that the paintings got shat on like that (it’s inside a glass) It’s how the news sees it as if it’s something really brave, “I wanna get arrested but I’m going out with a bang!” *Proceeds to draw random symbols they learned from art school* and what they’ve done something to spread their message? It’s really cryptic; overall, it’s just vandalism.

“If you failed art don’t take it out on my success” – Michelangelo. real btw



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