The Day Is Far Spent

The Day Is Far Spent

And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gave to them. And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight. And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures? –Luke 24: 30-32


If white Americans were taking a knee in defiance of the United Negro States of America, I would be all for it. But since taking a knee has become a protest against ‘racism’ I am against those who take a knee – although I do hope they keep it up because it has actually stirred up some life in a small minority of white grazers. What about the German sport team (10 out of 11 were white) who took a knee in solidarity with the American blacks? If I had a ‘hard-guy’ blog I would insult the Germans’ manhood, but not having a hard-guy blog, I will simply make a confession. Like Wilson Micawber who was “hourly” expecting something to “turn up” I have always held out hope that the Germans, the most maligned of the much maligned race of Europeans, would be the first white nation to fight back against liberalism. And when I say ‘fight back’ I mean real fighting — I do not refer to voting. I based my hope on the Germans’ past history. They defied Roman universalism twice. In both instances they opposed the synthesis of Christianity and paganism in the name of Christ, who is not a God that can be synthesized with any other gods. But in their third defiance, the Third Reich, they did not defy the world in the name of Christ. There was no noble declaration of “Here I stand, God help me.” There was only the ignoble machinations of a cabal of techno-barbarians led by a pathetic neo-pagan vastly inferior to the real Roman pagans. Maybe that is why the German people cannot oppose liberalism now. In their recent past they have only Hitler to inspire them, and he is very uninspiring, which brings us to the central point: If Christ is not the lodestar of Europe, who or what shall be the lodestar? The German people are in the same sinking boat as the rest of the European people. It was foolish of me to expect them to be the ones to take up arms against liberalism.

In Eugene O’Neill’s play Hughie he depicts a night clerk who simply waits. Waits for what? He doesn’t know. Becket picks up the same theme in Waiting for Godot. Has the expectation of Christ’s imminent return that we see in the early Christian church become a bitter, desperate, existential cry of despair in modern Europe? Certainly it has. We now have life without hope and without charity, because we have lost faith in Christ. It seems to us that He broke his word; He did not return to set things right. Despair can spread like wildfire. We, the European people, have fled to nature and nature’s god, the noble savage, to ease our pain. We are sick unto death from waiting for Christ’s return.

Every Christian who has come to believe in the risen Lord must feel as the apostles felt who encountered Christ on the road to Emmaus: “Abide with us: for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent.” He does stay with them at the inn, but eventually He must leave them, but not before He opens up their hearts to the truth. He set their hearts on fire. Is not that our comfort in this world? Where does the Holy Ghost, our comforter, reside if not in the human heart? Our European ancestors did not turn from Christ in despair and embrace science as the new Holy Ghost, because they had hearts of flesh. Once the cord binding the human heart to His divinely human heart is severed there can be no faith. We are forced back upon our intellects, which are reeds for every ill wind that blows.

The Nicolaitanes that Christ condemns in the Book of Revelations were professed Christians. But they thought that their adherence to an intellectual system absolved them from sin. When only the intellect is involved in our relationship with Christ we lose the intimacy that St. Paul spoke of – “Christ in man and man in Christ.” Men and women striving for such an intimacy do not, because they are mortal, achieve perfection, but they do create societies that sustain faith, hope, and charity, in contrast to the Nicolaitane societies in which men and women follow the logic of ‘man’s intellect is God’ pushed to its logical conclusion.

The classical liberals do not believe that the mad-dog liberals will actually act upon their belief in the goodness and purity of the sacred negro. “Rational people will not destroy every last remnant of European culture and kill every last white person — that simply defies belief.” But it is happening. Picture a large forest of trees that you think no rational man would want to destroy. When a group of people come along and tell you that for hate’s sake they are going to destroy the forest, you refuse to believe them. But then one tree after another is cut down, and still you refuse to believe in the evil intentions of the Jacobin tree cutters. The destruction of the first set of trees is easily explained. “Those trees were rotten (racist) – they had to be cut down,” is the classical liberal’s reaction. And when more trees are cut down? Again, the classical liberal finds a reason to excuse the great destroyers of the forest. “Those trees also were rotten – we were better off without them.” Eventually the entire forest will be destroyed as the classical liberals blather on into the night about the goodness of the destroyers and the evil of the European forest.

What will be left of Europe if the liberals are allowed to follow the logic of their faith in nature and nature’s god? Nothing will be left. No art work from old Europe will survive. No language stemming from old Europe will survive – the inhabitants of the new Europe will speak Arabic, Swahili, and Pig Latin or some other primitive mumbo jumbo, but they will not speak any of the European languages. Why should they? Why should the pure and innocent children of nature speak the language of the evil ones? The final solution is coming: Why should the evil ones exist at all?

All that is anti-European — be it Islam, feminism, or communism – comes to us through the worship of the negro. The negro is the savior in the Satanic religion of the Nicolaitanes of Liberaldom. Their holy father is their own intellect, and they bid us reject the comforter who dwells in the human heart for their new comforter, which is science. We have left the road to Emmaus where the risen Lord walked with us and followed the negro back to the darkness of Babylon. Whenever a classical liberal opposes one of the –isms of modernity, he does so in the name of the negro. “I oppose the Islamic invasion of my nation, but I am not a racist, I have many friends who are black…” That type of opposition to liberalism is not an opposition. You must reject the liberals’ savior and embrace the true Savior if you are ever going to make any headway against the principalities and powers of this world only.

Miss Havisham in Dickens’ novel Great Expectations feels that she has been wronged by humanity in general and the male sex in particular. So she adopts a little girl and by controlling every aspect of her existence teaches her to hate humanity in general and the male sex in particular. The liberals, under the influence of Satan, took the part of Miss Havisham. They made Satan’s hatred of God their own and began to fashion a world based on that hatred. “Why is there suffering?” and “Why, if He is the Christ, hasn’t He returned?” All these questions and more, Satan whispered into the liberals’ ears. And they listened. “Take my hand,” says Satan, and they do. Can’t the liberals feel the reptilian coldness of that hand? No, they can’t, because they have been morally anesthetized. They believe in the kingdom they have created, a kingdom without love, faith, hope, honor, or charity. All is dark and deadly in Liberaldom; it is a kingdom of everlasting night. The conservative seeks to make a place for himself within that kingdom. Never! Nothing human can survive in a world consecrated to the devil through the negro.

How can the light shine when all the channels of God’s grace have been blocked? The liberals have not only killed their own hearts, they have also banished from their hell on earth all genuine sentiments springing from the human heart. All our “mysterious human relationships” that enable us to know the Savior are proscribed in Liberaldom. The unbought grace of life that Edmund Burke spoke of has been destroyed by the liberals. Of what did that grace consist? It was not something esoteric, it was not an intellectual thing, it was the simple humanity that came from the hearth fires of white people who took Christ into their hearts and their homes. We have lost the strength and fire that comes from charity, because we have broken the human links to God. Johanna Spyri writes about those human links in her magnificent novel Heidi:

Heidi ran out and brought back the old hymn book. Then she found one beautiful song after another, for she knew them well now, and enjoyed them herself, and it was many days since she had heard all the verses she was so fond of.

The grandmother lay with folded hands and on her face, which at first had looked so troubled, now rested a happy smile, as if a great good fortune had come to her.

Suddenly Heidi stopped.

“Grandmother, are you well again already?”

“I’m feeling much better, Heidi. What you have read to me has done me good. Finish it, will you?”

The child read the hymn to the end, and when she came to the last words,–

“When mine eyes grow dimmer, sadder,
Pour thy light into my heart,
That I may pass over gladder
Than men to their homes depart,”—

The grandmother repeated them over and over, and an expression of very joyful expectation came over her face. Heidi felt so happy to see it. All the sunny day of her journey home rose before her, and she exclaimed with delight: —

“Grandmother, I know already how it seems to be on the way home.”

The grandmother did not answer, but she had heard the words perfectly, and the expression which had pleased Heidi remained on her face.

After a while the child said;–

“It is growing dark now, grandmother; I must go back; but I am so glad that you are happy again.”

The grandmother took the child’s hand in hers and held it fast; then she said:–

“Yes, I am so happy again; if I must stay lying here, I am content. You see, nobody who has not been through it knows what it is to have to lie for days and days all alone, and not hear a word from another human being, and not be able to see—not see even a single sunbeam. Then such gloomy thoughts come to one that it often seems as if it never could be bright again and one could not bear it any longer. But when I hear the words which you have read to me, it is as if a light arose in my heart, and that makes me happy again.”

I know that Heidi is deemed a sentimental relic of a racist, sexist era by our learned liberal pundits, but there is genuine sentiment, as distinct from sentimentality, in Heidi. We are not told to cry over the alleged sins of the white man and the sufferings of the noble black savage in Heidi. Instead we are told to love our own in and through our Savior. The blind grandmother in Heidi sees more than we see. She sees, through Heidi, the living God, while we lie in the darkness of Liberaldom. The drunken, half-crazed Welshman, Dylan Thomas, got the rage right, but his rage was without hope. We also shall rage against the dying of the light, but not without the hope that is within us – Please God, in the darkness of Liberaldom, “Abide with us; for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent.” +

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