The Death Throes of the American Empire

The Death Throes of the American Empire

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Joseph Jordan

One word aptly describes the current state of the American empire: schizophrenia.

Take Washington’s relationship to its subjugated white majority. One branch, the Department of Defense, appears to be quietly acknowledging that it can’t win wars if patriotic white men refuse to enlist. This epiphany is completely out of sync with the Department of Justice, which is rolling tanks into Middlesex County, New Jersey to terrorize and chase down the very same loyal white army men Uncle Sam desperately needs.

How about Venezuela? As Washington’s diplomats beg Nicolas Maduro, who they have spent years trying to overthrow, to sell America oil as a backup plan in case of a Middle East conflict, the US military is simultaneously supporting a brazen play by Guyana and Exxon-Mobile to drill for oil in the disputed Essequibo Strip. Venezuela has long claimed Essequibo to be part of its sovereign territory and Guyanese/US activities in the area are a direct violation of the 1966 Geneva Agreement. Venezuelan attempts to resolve the issue in appropriate venues have been ignored, leading them to begin mobilizing troops to their border and raising the prospect of war in the Western hemisphere.

After two years and $75 billion dollars (that we know of), Joe Biden gave a rare televised address to the American people seeking to give an explanation — for the first time ever — for why we need to deplete our treasury and weapons stockpiles to meddle in the Russo-Ukraine war. He awkwardly drew connections between propping up the thug-like Ostjuden junta ruling Ukraine to supporting Israel’s ongoing mass murder of Gazan children in an attempt to compel the Zionist-owned Republicans to back a $106 billion dollar foreign aid package, which only served to confuse ordinary Americans unfamiliar with the Jewish machinations driving these foreign policy decisions behind the scenes. Two weeks later, Biden administration officials started leaking to the media that they are actively looking to negotiate Ukraine’s surrender, confusing the situation even further.

For enjoyers of black comedy, the delusions outlined in National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s recently published liberal interventionist apologiaSources of American Powerserve as a satisfying appetizer. Apparently written right before Hamas’ October 7th offensive into Israel, Sullivan confidently assures us that the Middle East “is quieter than it has been for decades.” The irony was not lost on Sullivan, who insisted the Foreign Policy journal correct this minor oversight in the online version of its publication.

As for Biden, he tends to respond to nervous questions about biting off more than the empire can chew with his catchphrase, “We’re the United States of America, for God’s sake!”

The old man is not totally demented. In 2022, our military spending swelled to an outrageous $1.5 trillion dollars. The US dollar remains the strongest its ever been, mostly at the expense of European satellite states. Just like our elderly political officials bitterly refuse to retire, it would be a mistake to expect the Washington juggernaut to notice the writing on the wall and quietly sunset like the Soviet Union once did.

But not every problem can be fixed with bribes and bluffs. The geopolitical contradictions created in large part by the Washington empire’s choices of winners and losers have now tumbled into several full-fledged wars as post-WWII and post-Cold War have-nots take the opportunity to assert themselves.

Joe “I’ve raised more money from AIPAC than you have” Biden has all but conceded that the US government is at best a junior partner to the nuclear-armed inbred maniacs running the Israeli regime. Thanks to the Zionist coopting of our nation, the primitive savages in charge of the Israeli military are wielding first world weapons provided by US taxpayers to wage war against defenseless people in hospitals, residential apartment blocks, churches, ambulances and refugee centers, causing the civilized world to both gasp in horror and roll its eyes at American and European Union “human rights” hypocrisy.

As Jews drag America by the hand into a wider regional conflict, US forces are simultaneously struggling to deter Israel’s enemies. American forces occupying Syria, Iraq and beyond are coming under steadily intensifying rocket and drone attacks from Iranian aligned militias across the Middle East. For all their bluster, the Israelis have not yet embarked on a full-scale invasion of Gaza, likely due to fear that Hezbollah, which allegedly has the means to severely undermine America and Israels qualitative military edge, will formally enter the war.

Washington’s diplomatic maximalism is now widely perceived as absurd, unfair and meriting resistance. The US government holds firm in its belief that it has a right to threaten war with Beijing over the supposed sovereignty of the Taiwanese Kinmen Islands, which are located a mere 10 minute boat ride from mainland China. Former Secretary of State John Bolton and others like him continue to insist on cleaving off a random piece of Iraq populated by Arabs for a new Kurdish state, even though the historic Kurdish homeland has mostly been located in Turkey. Instead of taking a now lost opportunity to find a diplomatic solution to the issue of Donbass Russians who have been fighting to rejoin their motherland since 2014, Washington indulged Kiev’s laughable fantasies of demanding an unconditional surrender from the Russians, only to accumulate hundreds of thousands of casualties and find themselves out of options following their failed summer counter-offensive.

And Antony Blinken’s offer to the Palestinian people? A micro-state where the Jew Blinken and Benjamin Netanyahu reserve the right to choose their leaders for them.

Much of established American imperial power has been contingent on the idea that the United States is a fair and neutral arbiter of international affairs. By creating a disingenuous distinction between state power and private enterprise, Washington was able to convince the world that it could be trusted to impersonally oversee the global economy, the internet, international law, and many other important chokepoints of power.

The Jews who run America have flagrantly violated this trust by using access to SWIFT as a political extortion tool, weaponizing digital omnipotence to spy on the entire world, as the Edward Snowden leaks and Israeli NSO Group scandal revealed, utilizing dirty tricks to try and prevent rival states from producing and selling superior technology, as the crusade against Huawei shows, and exposing international law as a selective and cynical propaganda tool to demonize enemies, as the US’ role in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict demonstrates.

Both in the realm of hard power and soft power, the American empire is running on borrowed time (and money). The Washington regime thinks it can take on China, Russia, Iran, and several smaller nations while also oppressing the white majority at home. Their chance of success is non-existent, and there are many forces, including us, who are ready to politically replace this compromised and traitorous ruling class as soon as possible.

The question we must now all ask ourselves is how much damage will this thrashing, wounded animal inflict on its surroundings before it submits to the inevitable? God help us all.

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