The Neo-Nazi and Transgender Overlap

The Neo-Nazi and Transgender Overlap

In the age of skyrocketing mental and personality disorders throughout the West, likely exacerbated by the Standard American Diet, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, social alienation, broken families, and social media, the self-mutilating transgender movement has become far more noticeable throughout the Western world. There are a variety of mental illnesses that are comorbid with transgenderism, or, in the case under examination in this article – autogynephilia. While there has been a bizarre rise in biological men in dissident right subcultures disfiguring and mutilating their bodies or adopting abnormal sexual kinks relating to pretending to be a woman. The growth of autogynephilia, a male’s propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female, throughout wider society is horrific enough, but the rise of this worldview in political spaces, especially by young men, that by all accounts should reject this deviant lifestyle, is very concerning.

One of the largest overlapping mental issues between autogynephilia is autism. Transgender individuals are diagnosed with autism at three to six times the rate of normal members of the population. [1] In fact, in a recent study, “researchers found that 24 percent of the gender-diverse and transgender respondents were autistic compared with 5 percent of the study’s cisgender participants” [2]. There are many reasons why autism and transgenderism may develop such a strong link, first and foremost autism has been described as an “extreme male brain” and people with both gender dysphoria and autism independently tend to score higher on masculinity measures [3]. Many masculine traits are predictive of career success and thus by proxy, political success, especially through activity on social media [4]. Thus this partly explains the higher representation of transgenders at the top echelons of power.

In addition to this, transgender individuals are known to score higher in neuroticism and lower in agreeableness [5], thus fitting with the annoying Twitter user stereotype that people often picture when they imagine a typical angry and hysterical Twitter user. There are currently no quantifiable studies on transgender internet political overrepresentation, besides examples such as Ubersoy’s BreadTube video, in which it was revealed that 30% of their members are trans [6]. However, we can evaluate the “real world” as a proxy in which we find that LGBTQ individuals (known to be highly neurotic and anti-social) are twice more likely than straight people to be politically active [7]. In comparison to their neurotypical peers, LGBTQ individuals engaging in political causes, far beyond LGBTQ-specific issues, at such a higher rate gives them a disproportionate impact in American politics. This, at least partially, explains their prevalence in a variety of different causes.

Individuals who are neurotic also tend to use social media more often than neurotypical members of the population [8]. Social media in general has been shown to have a destructive impact on the mental health of users, particularly those who are young. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram “are designed to be addictive and are associated with anxiety, depression, and even physical ailments [9].” For those already suffering from some form of mental illness or non-neurotypical mental perspective, these impacts can be greatly exacerbated. For those who are neurotic, social media typically destroys their mental health as they form unhealthy internet addictions [10]. Neurotic and mentally ill individuals can often be found on social media platforms like Twitter and Discord, and not as often in IRL spaces, because these platforms provide them with sustained dopamine hits as they amplify and defend their mental illness by connecting themselves with people who are similar to them. Thus, your typical trans-Nazi LARPer that appears on your Twitter with a seemingly unending number of self-perceived ‘hot takes’ also happens to be a junkie that has become addicted to the release and reinforcement that is given by social media.

Examples of what I’m talking about.

Social media and pornography exacerbates and multiplies mental illnesses while also providing deviant individuals the opportunity to express and multiply themselves through grooming. While this can be witnessed in a number of different subcultures, however, the central question remains… Why is this being seen among so many American neo-Nazis?

Neo-Nazi politics, a distinct philosophy from actual National Socialism, and transgenderism are certainly a strange combination, given that the old National Socialists were very clear on their position on this issue, including the banning of transgender surgeries and the burning of books promoting both homosexuality and transgenderism. National Socialism strongly condemned transgenderism and other forms of sexual degeneracy and abnormal behaviors. National rebirth in the eyes of all early 20th-century fascist movements included the promotion of traditional gender roles and sexuality, the opposite of the ever-growing online Right-wing subcultures found within the deep recesses of the internet and social media.

On this issue, I have a particular hypothesis, but before we delve into my thoughts, let’s first evaluate how widespread this phenomenon is. While there is no direct survey asking how many transgender individuals are in each political movement, we have to examine this issue by proxy. Recently, it has been discovered that those with more extreme ideologies appear to have higher rates of autism than the general population. While this can lead to exceptional numbers of highly intelligent, often well-educated, and dedicated individuals joining political movements and becoming contributing, or even leading, members, this also leads to folks suffering from mental illnesses who also happen to be autistic, entering into dissident subcultures.[11]

The prevalence of transgenderism and other mental illnesses is less common on the Right than on the Left. While the terms “Right” and “Left” are less than precise terms in the modern age of globalism versus patriotism, I use the terms in the common understanding of the American context. The term “Left” in this article refers to the collection of “woke” organizations, communists, and neoliberal shills. In a society that often rewards illness and abnormal behavior which demonizes proper treatment, just one look at people who are already mentally ill, you can see they stick to ideologies that reward their mental illness or actions as an expression of it [12].

If we look at the prevalence of the diagnosis of autism on the farthest Left, it is about 10% while the Left wing to Far-Left category puts it at around 6%, meanwhile, according to the same SCC, about 5% of the furthest Right-wing are medically diagnosed with autism, compared to about 1.5% for those who happen to be Right-wing to Far-Right.

Thus, this phenomenon is typical to the Left-wing and increases as one’s ideology drives further toward it from the center, while for the Right-wing, it is more or less flat-lined, with one exception at the second rightest category. But it does nonetheless increase by over three times in the Right-wing category. Why? George Francis in his analysis of libertarianism and autism suggested that lower empathy and higher systematizing are the reason for such a significant overrepresentation [13] and Angus Fox has also identified autism to be the main driver for transgender behavior in his “When Sons Become Daughters” series at the Quileute,[14] thus confirming my earlier speculations.

Neo-Nazi ideology, particularly of the Siege and Satanic variety such as the Order of Nine Angles, is typically associated with lower empathy and higher levels of neuroticism, especially on the internet. Subcultures which are built around worshipping cruelty and violence for the sake of violence are not likely to be bastions of empathic individuals. With this understanding, it makes sense why some transgender individuals will naturally drive towards adopting neo-Nazi beliefs. However, these individuals often do not appear to be particularly ideological, rather they seem to adopt the aesthetics and subculture as a form of fetish or a hobby.

Typically, transgender neo-Nazi accounts post hyper-sexualized material on their social media, somewhat emulating the behavior of Leftist transgender activists. They do not necessarily spend their time trying to popularize a racially based ideology that desires to help an ethnic community, nor do they show any evidence of understanding it on a deeper level, instead they make posts about themselves being a neo-Nazi racist troll and a transgender. The worldview of National Socialism is built around self-sacrifice and community, this is twisted by the transgender neo-Nazis into being an ideology that is self-indulgent and anti-social while maintaining the symbols of National Socialism. We can acknowledge this, without actually subscribing to National Socialism ourselves.

Michael Bailey in his book titled The Men Who Would Be Queen added upon previous research on Autogynephilia by Ray Blanchard in which, biological male transgender individuals were found to be sexually aroused by the thought of themselves being women, while otherwise possessing perfectly male personality traits, including having a “male brain.”[15] This was even pointed out by Debra Soh in her work, The End of Gender.

If you look at autism spectrum disorder (which is by itself a good predictor of extremist political ideology), you can clearly see that some individuals with autism have elevated rates of paraphilic disorders and instances of hypersexuality. For instance, the rate of masturbation among people with ASD at the mark of “four to six times a week and above” cohort is about 5 times greater than that of healthy controls, while their frequency of sexual intercourse is much lower than it is for the normal cohort. Furthermore, bisexuals are prone to have highly elevated autism rates while voyeuristic, sadistic, masochistic, and exhibitionistic tendencies among autists are all at least three times greater than they are among healthy adults [16].

While most transgender “women” do not hold many women-like traits on average, many view womanhood with a superficial cartoonish understanding, while being extremely sexually aroused by themselves presenting in the female form. Transgender neo-Nazis have a poor grasp on the fascist ideology yet fetishize the idea of themselves being fascists as something which is forbidden or provocative in our world. Trans people adopting a neo-Nazi ideology results in them being naturally attracted to the fascist aesthetic and some political aspects of the worldview. This is perhaps related to their lower amounts of overall empathy, as they then fetishize themselves being neo-Nazis (much like they get aroused from themselves being women). At the same time, there is no evidence that the content of the ideology itself attracts transgenders (only those who are anti-social), while the form of fascism is likely sexually appealing to people with atypical sexualities and thus results in them fetishizing it.[17] So transgenders become attracted to ideologies as an individualistic expression of their sexual perversion, not the ideas themselves.

Terminally online behavior is correlated with mental illness, an obvious connection to pornography addiction. Porn itself is the gateway to abnormal sexual practices that can develop into LGBT behavior.[18] Pornography exacerbates biological inclinations toward antisocial behavior in general. Those who are addicted to pornography find themselves going down a slippery slope toward more depraved content, a drive to seek the same dopamine high as when the use of pornography began. Studies have found that levels of “neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and obsessional checking behaviors — were correlated with high pornography use. Men who have trouble resisting the lure of porn websites might simply have dispositions that make them more vulnerable to compulsive problems in general.”[19] Increases in sexual violence have also been linked to pornography use, with “boys exposed to violent pornography were 2–3 times more likely to report sexual TDV ( teen dating violence) perpetration and victimization and physical TDV victimization, while girls exposed to violent pornography were over 1.5 times more likely… compared to their non-exposed counterparts.”[20]

A push toward compulsive behaviors that are brought by overall societal dysfunction, pornography use, social media platforms, rising mental illness rates, and other factors likely relate to various forms of abnormal expressionism. Even the fascination toward Japanese anime that is held by some people can be partially explained by autism.[21] This is proof that there is a direct pipeline of biological mental illnesses, anime, porn, being terminally online, and radical politics that can culminate into the fetishization of extremism. That is to say, it’s an amplification of multiple issues into a perfect storm, hence the large number of Homofascists on Twitter. This is how a neo-Nazi becomes a tranny as a means of self-MKUltra. Various societal tendrils of the modern alienated capitalist system have united to create not only a swarm of blue-haired mentally ill feminists or “woke” liberals, but also a growing number of anti-social neo-Nazis.

Transgenderism, like homosexuality, is simply incompatible with being a Third Positionist. Both Fascist and National Socialist governments have uniformly restricted, or outright banned, these movements, due to the identified threat of anti-social behaviors on the body politic. Fascism/National Socialism is about overcoming vices, both as an individual and as a nation, while for something more morally pure. Being LGBT by definition is incompatible with this direction as it is a result of succumbing to said vices.

In many regards, the situation can be paralleled with that of drug addicts – you can’t expect them to be loyal to anything but their desire for the next hit and whoever provides them with the means to achieve the next high. And this doesn’t mean abstinence from partaking in the vice, it’s not just about saying ‘no’ to it, it is about no longer being afflicted by it at all, it is about eliminating the temptation itself. Should they fail to reform then they cannot be allowed to join in our struggle.

Considering that we live in a world where most individuals view politics through the lens of self-interest, few have asked themselves “Why would a homosexual want to join a pro-White/neo-Nazi/whatever scene? What interests are they pursuing?”

What these individuals identify as is an active pursuit of carnal pleasures, that is their prime concern as a homosexual, everything else is secondary or non-existent. Furthermore, acceptance of LGBT behavior in the dissident right means that they will expect some kind of recognition once the battle is won, namely the same social recognition they strive for today. Saying “Trans Rights are White Rights” because it’s pro-White is a compromise which ultimately will resurface in the same kind of social movements that led to modern LGBT behaviors being as widespread and accepted as it is today.

“In essence this is all either a biological disorder, in which case it must be treated; a psychological disorder, in which case it must be treated; the result of grooming indoctrination, in which case it must be treated; a hedonistic vice, in which case it must be overcome. Social acceptance of the LGBT worldview leads to the complete degradation of society and all social and moral norms, resulting in a free-for-all sexual jungle where everything is permissible, including pedophilia, incest, and zoophilia.”

—Alexander Slavros, The Fag Agenda

This can only be prevented by a definitive stance in opposition to the LGBT in all its forms, without compromise. Acceptance of transsexuals in the right wing circles is impossible because their nature goes against the principle of overcoming vices and swearing loyalty to something greater than ourselves. Acceptance of transsexuals in the movement opens doors to subversive influences meant to spearhead LGBT supremacy. Of course, all of this I would claim is further amplified by the amount of anti-Women misogyny in the far-Right.” The best way to handle issues of gender and sexuality is to reinforce traditional norms and gender relations while ensuring that all members of our society are liberated from oppression and exploitation. We will not solve these problems by either turning back the clock or abandoning all traditions and norms, instead, we must work together to create a happy and cohesive society where men and women can work and live together as comrades. Closing things off, I think much of these problems can be solved by banning porn and by promoting Christianity.

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