The Plot To Get Hunter Biden

The Plot To Get Hunter Biden
The Biden family at the funeral of Beau Biden. June 6, 2015

We’ve discussed how organized crime works with law enforcement quite often on this Substack.

The recent conviction of Donald Trump gave us a master class. I predicted the day before that Trump would be convicted. “I suspect Donald Trump will be convicted tomorrow. Should he be? Eh, probably not. But live by the mob, fall by the mob…” I said at the time. I likely would have voted to convict, for what it’s worth.

“Trump paid a porn star!” the MSNBC bleat. But the real crime is that Trump worked closely with the Odessa mafia. Indeed Michael Cohen’s Ukraine-born father-in-law Fima Shusterman introduced Cohen and Trump so many decades before, according to Seth Hettena. Trump himself seems to have suggested to investigators that they look there.

Of course the real reason Trump was prosecuted is that he tried to overthrow the American government. The real reason Hunter Biden is being prosecuted is to undermine the presidency of Joe Biden.

We haven’t really probed how these things work so let’s interrogate it more closely now that Hunter Biden’s gun trial is set to begin today.

There are a lot of questions I’ve long had about the Hunter Biden stuff, most of which I have kept to myself.

You know Hunter Biden was drugged before he popped a positive on that drug test after he smoked a cigarette with those two Australians right? And you know who oversaw his drug test in the Navy Reserves? Sean Spicer, the future White House press secretary. Sean Spicer ordered it, administered it — and then leaked it to the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal. Ah yes, the very same Rupert Murdoch who has connections with the Chinese, the Russians, and the Netanyahu Israelis and whose very publications are targeting Hunter Biden around the world.

In any event, the way the mob world works is that it is constantly building up leverage so as to get itself out of trouble. They look for your weakness — sex, money, drugs, etc. — and then they use it to control you.

The distinction between organized crime and law enforcement is quite murky in a lot of the world, especially in the former Soviet Union and especially especially in Ukraine — though as we shall see the American law enforcement world has its own connections to organized crime.

St. Petersburg Okhrana (tsarist secret police) group photo. The head of the Okhrana, Alexander Vasilyevich Gerasimov (sitting, in the middle), with department heads and investigators.

We’ve not gone as hard into the fleshpots of Odessa, how the ancient Ohkrana has their home there, the connections of Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein to Ukraine, and how Israeli-Cypriot-Ukrainian citizen Igor Kholomoisky, the man connected to both Lev Parnas and Zelenskyy, ran the organized crime world there until he, too, was brought down by U.S. pressure and the Russo-Ukraine War, but not before laundering billions into the Midwest and Florida.

When I was more seriously recruited by the FBI I showed my two FBI handlers how I was being sent real time information about then-Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine. The material, though, was fake but the desire to “get Hunter” was anything but. Their then-boss ASAC Richard Smith wanted to “get Hunter Biden.” Today he works for a casino — the San Manuel Indian casino, which has its own connections to global organized crime.

You’re not really ready for CIA director-turned State Department Secretary Mike Pompeo being handed the thumb drive about Hunter Biden by Oleg Semenov, an alleged human trafficker from the Odessa mafia who was, until very recently, an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Returning to Ukraine for a minute we’re told Oleg is ex-KGB and yet Oleg is a Ukrainian.

The photos are here.

Note, by the way, the Chabad rabbi at his table.

There are other photos of Semenov.

Here he is meeting with a delegation of Chinese visiting Ukraine.

With Yulia Tymoshenko, the embattled former prime minister

And at an orphanage where he’s very ominously meeting with school children. (The Ukrainian mafia recruits school girls out of high school—and yes, even middle—school to send to Dubai.)

Oleg Semenov at an orphanage

And here he is at the Trump Hotel.

Semenov wasn’t alone. As you dig deeper into the Odessa mob, a lot of figures start showing up.

The writer Mark Rubinstein drew heavily on this world when he was writing his novel, Asssassin’s Lullaby. His account is as follows:

At one time during the decade of the 2000s The Ukrainian mafia cooperated with the Neapolitan Camorra in the cigarette smuggling business. They’ve never missed an opportunity to expand their business activities to areas beyond the borders of Ukraine or Brooklyn, New York. The Bratva also teamed up with other criminal organizations and has been heavily involved in human trafficking throughout Europe and the Middle East.

This eventuated in a widespread network of brothels populated by women forced into years of sexual servitude. According to various sources, when the women grow older and are no longer sexually marketable, they may be killed so their organs can be  distributed as part of the organ trafficking trade.

The most famous of the Russian and Ukrainian crime organizations is the Odessa mafia, named after the Black Sea port city of Odessa.  When Odessans and other Russian-Ukrainian refugees began migrating to New York City, specifically to Brooklyn, they brought many of Odessa’s most infamous criminals along with other people having nothing to do with crime.

The Odessa mafia is based in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn. It is regarded as the most powerful post-Soviet criminal organization in the U.S. Over the years, it’s expanded its operations to Los Angeles, Miami , and the San Francisco Bay areas, where it’s established connections with local Armenian and Israeli crime figures.

They are now far more powerful than the Italian mafia and because of language differences along with the secretive nature of the organization, the federal government has not been able to penetrate them in any substantial way.

The Odessa mafia is known to be involved in protection rackets, loan-sharking, murder-for-hire, human and narcotics trafficking (especially in the distribution of Ecstasy), and is infamous for fuel tax fraud.

Not only has the federal government been unable to penetrate this network but in many cases the federal government has been way too closely associated with these networks.

One thing to understand is that the Odessa mob can be contracted out by other groups. You see this process throughout its history and it stands to reason that a similar process took place with Hunter Biden.

In many respects at the root of the Russo-Ukraine War is the question of who does the Odessa mafia really serve? America? Russia? Or itself?

Let’s do this slowly so you understand it.

The President’s remaining son was targeted first by Ukrainian gangsters and then by the IDF and Russian intelligence services which amplified the attacks and laundered them through U.S. conservative media.

Almost as soon as this went to print we learned that another conservative media publication — the Epoch Times, which peddled the attacks against Hunter Biden — was revealed to have been funded with drug trafficking proceeds.

We’re going to go deep on the plot against Hunter Biden soon but for now I want you to think about the love that First Lady Jill Biden has for her stepson, Hunter. She chose to spend her birthday with the son she raised but did not bear.

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