The Ridiculous Idea That Race Isn’t Real

The Ridiculous Idea That Race Isn’t Real

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Jared Taylor

It’s not just nonsense. It’s vicious nonsense.

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To be a good American, you are supposed to believe outlandish things about race. You’re supposed to believe it doesn’t exist. That it’s immoral to think it has anything to do with biology.

The American Psychological Association has a glossy brochure, written by six PhDs, who explain that “race is a social construction rather than a biological reality.” They add: “The ‘racial’ worldview was invented to assign some groups to perpetual low status, while others were permitted access to privilege, power, and wealth.”

Who were those bad people who invented race?

If you graduated from college in the last 15 years, there’s a good chance you had to read The New Jim Crow.

It has 15,814 ratings on Amazon, for an average of 4.8 stars. Right in Chapter One it says, “Only in the past few centuries, owing largely to European imperialism, have the world’s people been classified along racial lines.”

The Smithsonian says race was invented in America.

“American society developed the notion of race . . . to justify its new economic system of capitalism.” I guess we invented capitalism, too. And, of course we invented race because it is a “social construction that gives or denies benefits and privileges.”

Time magazine explains it all: “Facing America’s History of Racism Requires Facing the Origins of ‘Race’ as a Concept.”

Race “grew out of an elaborate and supposedly “scientific” European conception of the human species that began during the Enlightenment.”

And next thing you know, “Europeans and their colonial ‘descendants’ in the United States engineered the most complete and enduring dehumanization of a people in history.”

We invented race and then we became the most evil people in the history of the world.

This is not just nonsense. It is vicious nonsense.

Egyptians classified people by race 3,500 years ago, in The Book of Gates. They recognized four races, which they called Libyan, Nubian, Asiatic, and Egyptian.

Here they are again. If Egyptians had known Europeans, they’d have a picture for them, too.

Credit: Giovanni Battista, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Egyptians took blacks as slaves. Here is a Nubian with ropes around his neck.

Here is Tutankhamen siccing dogs on his enemies while he kills them.

They are black. This is King Tut’s footstool. It’s got his enemies carved on it, so he can trample them every time he sits down.

These lads are Nubians and Asiatics, not Egyptians.

Here are the pharaoh’s sandals; Nubians and Asiatics, with their hands tied behind their backs.

Tut could stomp on them with every step.

Arabs knew about race. Al-Jahiz was a scholar who lived in the 9th century in what is now Southern Iraq.

He wrote a famous book about animals.

1264659; out of copyright

He also wrote about black Africans, whom he called Zanj: “We know that the Zanj are the least intelligent and the least discerning of mankind and least capable of understanding the consequences of actions.”

He wrote that more than 1,000 years ago.

Al-Mas’udi lived in Bagdad in the 10th century, and he also wrote about blacks. He called them “people of black color, flat noses, kinky hair, and little understanding or intelligence.”

Credit: © Hubertl / Wikimedia Commons

Abu Feras al-Hamadani, a 10th century Iraqi we see here on a postage stamp, thought whites were ghastly. He called them “blanched and leprous colored.”

The Japanese thought so, too, when they first met us. Here is an artist’s depiction of an American.

Everyone notices race. As this article explains, at three-and-a-half months, infants can tell the races apart by looking at faces.

They can’t even talk but I guess they understand social constructs.

So, anyone who tells you Europeans invented the idea of race just a few centuries ago and that it’s only a social construct is either stupid or thinks you are stupid. How can we tell a European from a Pygmy – at a glance – if there aren’t biological differences?

White man and Pygmy

This stuff is as nutty as believing the moon is made of green cheese, but I bet if you walked onto a college campus, everyone would tell you race is a social construct.

There are still a few brave – and often lonely – scholars who fight the madness. This 2020 article about the reality of race and what that means is about the best you will find.

It could be the clearest, most persuasive scientific paper you’ll ever read.

It starts with modern humans beginning to spread out of East Africa about 150,000 years ago.

Credit: NordNordWest, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They moved into very different environments, which put very different evolutionary pressures on them. And they adapted. They became very different from each other, sometimes quickly.

Here’s an example. Most people get altitude sickness and can’t function normally at elevations over 8,200 feet. However, three different human groups evolved – they changed genetically and biologically – so they could live high in the mountains: They are Tibetans, Ethiopians, and people living in the Andes. These people are Tibetans.

Credit: The original uploader was Gac at Italian Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This article points out that Tibetans adapted to high altitude within the last 3,000 years, and it required mutations in more than 30 different genes.

Even Wikipedia notes that the evolutionary adaptations to living in the mountains were different in all three groups, involving changes in lung function, heart rate, and blood chemistry.

Lactose tolerance is recent. Ten thousand years ago, infants could digest mother’s milk, but no human could digest milk after he was weaned.

When humans began herding animals, some evolved the ability to digest milk all their lives. This happened in Europe and East Africa with cattle, and in the Middle East with camels.

Again, the evolutionary adaptations were different.

Humans change to fit their environments. That’s why Eskimos are short and stocky; they conserve heat in the cold.

Australian aborigines are lanky so their bodies can give off heat more easily.

Black skin also protects from the sun; light European skin lets in sunlight so the body can more easily synthesize vitamin D.

Groups evolved some differences for reasons we don’t understand. Only blacks have U negative blood, for example, and racial differences explain why people often reject organs from people of other races. This organization, Gift of Life, explains why it is so important to have donors and recipients of the same race.

Bone marrow transplants are even trickier. That’s why the national bone marrow registry is always calling for “more diverse donors.”

Mixed-race patients have to find donors who are the very same mix.

This article explains that “Artificial intelligence predicts patients’ race from their medical images.”

Just show the program a leg or a chest X-ray – even if it’s been deliberately blurred – and the computer can tell you the patient’s race. No doctor can do that. The same article also says AI can “identify patient self-reported race from clinical notes even when those notes are stripped of explicit indicators of race.”

All the computer needs are symptoms, vital signs, etc., and it knows the patient’s race. A doctor would be just guessing.

That shouldn’t surprise you. Anyone who has done an ancestry DNA test knows that a sequencing machine can parse your race and ethnicity down to fractions of a percent just by analyzing your spit.

How about this? “Your Ethnicity Determines the Species of Bacteria That Live in Your Mouth.”

Except that it really means race. Just by looking at patterns of bacteria in the mouths of Americans, you can distinguish blacks from everyone else 100 percent of the time, and make a really good guess at whites, Asians, and Hispanics. Even bacteria are tricked by social constructs.

Dog breeds are nothing more than extreme versions of human races. Humans deliberately bred them – over the last few thousand years – while the races evolved naturally over a much longer period, but the process was the same. Would anyone try to tell you that the difference between a Pomeranian and a German Shepherd is a social construct or had nothing to do with biology?

Some people try to tell you that there are no human races because everyone is mixed. First of all, plenty of people aren’t mixed at all. Most people living in Finland are 100 percent Finnish. Kalahari Bushmen are pure Kalahari Bushmen.

Credit: Ian Sewell, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

And, obviously, there can be mixed-race people only because there are races.

Credit Image: © Nano Calvo/VW Pics via ZUMA Press Wire

Another cuckoo argument is to say that there can’t be races because “racists” disagree on how many there are. Are Pygmies and Bantus separate races? Are Malaysians and Japanese the same race? It doesn’t matter. Some people define groups broadly, others define them narrowly. How many visible colors are there? Traditionally, there are seven, but you can get a cheap paint set with 48 colors.

This article says there are 10 million colors.

I guess because people don’t agree on the number, there can be no such thing as color.

The race deniers are straining, struggling, torturing themselves to deny something that’s obvious.

What’s their game? First, by denying race, they want you to believe every human group everywhere is equal in every way, especially in average IQ. That means when black and brown people do badly, they can blame us. Second, they want you to believe it doesn’t matter if non-whites pile into white countries and we disappear. We’re just being replaced by ourselves.

What did I say earlier? This isn’t just nonsense. It’s vicious nonsense.

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