The Vampire Ball is Over

The Vampire Ball is Over

Andrew Anglin

I love the imagery of a vampire ball.

We may also speak of a “blood orgy.”


The era of Western elites being able to exploit other nations and other peoples across the world is coming to an end, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an exclusive interview published by Rossiya 1 and RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

The president stated that over the past few centuries, the so-called “golden billion” has grown accustomed to being able to “fill their bellies with human flesh and their pockets with money” as they have been “parasitizing” other peoples in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

”But they must understand that the vampire ball is ending,” Putin said.

He added that the citizens of the aforementioned regions, which have been continuously exploited by the West over the past 500 years, have started to associate Russia’s struggle for sovereignty with “their own aspirations for sovereignty and independent development.”

That is definitely happening.

It might even be the single most important upshot of the Ukraine war, when we look back on it in history.

Russia has become the standard bearer of resistance against the Evil Empire.

At the same time, Putin noted that Western elites have a very strong desire to “freeze the current situation” and preserve the “unjust state of affairs in international affairs.”

Previously, in his keynote address to Russia’s Federal Assembly last month, Putin stated that the West, with its “colonial habits” of “igniting national conflicts all over the world,” intends to do everything it can to stall Russia’s development and turn it, as it did Ukraine, into a dying failed state.

”In place of Russia, they want a dependent, withering, dying space, where they can do whatever they want,” he said.

This is exactly and precisely the truth.

These people have been sucking the blood and feasting on the flesh of the whole world for centuries.

I know that some right-wingers will defend colonialism. I can’t understand it. What was the point of spending all of that money, wasting all that creative energy, when in most of these locales, trading posts could have done the same thing as installing colonial governments?

I will of course support the American colonial project, but despite stupid rumors about a genocide of the Indians, there was virtually no one living in America. There are more Indians alive now than there were when the colonists showed up. (It’s the same exact story for Australia.)

In Asia and Africa, and in most of Latin America, Europeans could have set up trading posts, small cities, and worked with the natives to get what they wanted from the land, in exchange for beads or whatever it was the locals were interested in.

Those trading posts never would have been shut down, and we would have good relations with these various primitive peoples now. The colonial project was especially insane when you consider that at the same time Europeans were wasting resources on this, Moslems were occupying huge portions of Europe.

Just study this gif for a bit, and explain how this was a logical allocation of resources.

It would have made a lot more sense to liberate Constantinople than to be screwing around in Asia and Latin America.

The key point here is that the colonial project never ended, and in fact became much worse. The colonial project was the precursor of modern globalism. After the stupid, fake, engineered “independence movements” during the post-war period in these former colonial territories, the West – in particular, America and to a lesser extent the UK – left behind “private” institutions, and basically dumped all of the responsibilities they had during the colonial era, and instead started controlling the finances of these countries, putting them in debt traps, propping up the worst possible people as suzerains, while constantly using the threat of military force.

Now, the former colonial territories are either subjects of the Evil Empire, through the financial system, or they are “rogue states” that dare claim independence.

Compare and Contrast with the Chinese Model

If you look at what China is doing right now, this all becomes very obvious. China is on the verge of “conquering the world” without firing a single shot. But this “conquest” is not based around suppression of the local populations, but rather establishing trade systems where everyone gets rich. Instead of giving out crippling loans, China invests in infrastructure in the nations they are allied with, and then partner with locals to produce and move goods across the planet. It’s the modern version of what the Chinese have always done, which is set up trading posts.

People say I shill for China, but I’m just describing the situation. I acknowledge that there are some potential problems with this system, particularly in Asia, where countries are undergoing Sinofication. In Asia, Chinese don’t invade you with bombs, they set up trade routes and then move people in and then start marrying local women (or even bring in women to marry local men), and all of a sudden all the signs on the streets in certain areas are in Chinese, and everyone is speaking Chinese. However, this has to be balanced against what the Chinese are doing for the economies of these countries. Southeast Asian countries are going to have to make deals where they get the investment but only allow limited Sinoficiation, if they wish to preserve their traditional identities. Or, all of Asia will just be Sinofied. Honestly, that really isn’t my problem.

The Chinese won’t Sinofy white countries, because they don’t consider the populations genetically compatible. If a Chinaman marries a Malay woman, he and the rest of the Chinese consider the offspring 100% Chinese. This is not true if a Chinaman marries a white woman. So there is no threat of Sinofication in white countries. Further, if we had control of our own countries, we could easily put limits on Chinese immigration, because we don’t need the investment money and infrastructure development like they do in Southeast Asia. Beyond that, Chinese consider Asia their realm, and they do not have that sentiment towards territories outside Asia (though they are happy to trade with them).

Just as we can look at the history of white people, and see this lunatic drive to use violence to conquer and subjugate people, we can look at the history of the Chinese and see that their entire modus operandi was power through mercantilism.

I suppose it’s necessary to note that none of this has to do with “CCP communism.” There are now as many Chinese in Kuala Lumpur as there are Malays (those are 2010 numbers, I assume Chinese are the majority now). Many of them are half Malay, but they are Chinese. That’s why the city looks like this:

Instead of like this:

There are of course major trade ties to Mainland China, but there has been zero attempt to alter the government of Malaysia, which is still staunchly Islamic. Much of the country still enforces Islamic law, including hijabs for women, fines for eating during Ramadan, and so on. The country’s government is still entirely Malaysian. There are no Chinese NGOs working to destroy Islam in Malaysia. There is no attempt to enforce “Chinese communism.”

Frankly, “Chinese communism” is a canard. Talking about the “Chinese Communist Party” as anything other than the current official system in the Mainland is ridiculous. We may recall the clip of the homosexual Senator Tom Cotton harassing the Singaporean CEO of TikTok, asking if he’s a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

This is ridiculous on so many different levels. But most importantly, there is no daylight between Singaporeans and Mainlanders when it comes to business. ByteDance, which owns TikTok, is a Mainland company. They hired a Singaporean CEO in part because Singapore is nominally allied with the United States, and presumably because he’s competent, but they hired him because he’s Chinese, not because he is sympathetic to communism, which he obviously isn’t. Chinese collective racial solidarity is about six million times stronger than whatever nominal ideological system they are nominally associated with, and the biggest observable element of the racial solidarity is that they feel a kinship with one another and this kinship is largely based around business.

Note: I don’t want to reduce all Chinese culture to business. If you go to China, or a Chinatown, and you look at them, you can see they have a very complicated culture. It’s just that it is mostly impenetrable to white people (and to a large extent, even to other Asians). What we can observe and understand is that they all really like making money.

We should also note that the culture is ultra traditional. Their traditions are of course different, but not that different. Chinese are universally opposed to feminism and homosexuality, for the obvious reasons that these are viewed as a threat to the cohesiveness of the collective Chinese identity, which is held together by tradition.

I say this very modestly: there are very few white people on earth who possess the same level of understanding of Chinese people as I have. And I feel I understand very little. But I understand enough to be able to observe them, and understand what they are doing, and why they are doing it. I understand that viewing them as a military threat is totally nonsensical. Even someone with very little understanding of the Chinese should be able to view their history and, maybe more importantly, their current military, and realize that this is not a martial people. The only reason they have a military at all is because the West is constantly threatening them with war.

More than 2,000 years ago, when they were being harassed by Nomadic horsemen, instead of raising an army and marching into the steppes and crushing their raiders (which they absolutely had the ability to do), they spent their resources building a gigantic wall (still the biggest manmade structure on earth) to prevent the nomads from harassing them.

The nomads found this very boring, and decide to ride West, where they could find people interested in ultra-violence.

We were easy to find.

The Vampire Ball Must End

Above, I’ve outlined what I view as the most terrible possible thing the Chinese could do, which is Sinofy much of Asia while establishing trade routes. Again, I must say: I don’t really care about this. What difference does it make to me?

Meanwhile, the United States is attempting to force everyone under a single global system, which is represented by homosexuality. The Rainbow flag is the symbol of American neo-imperialism. Anal sex is considered by the Evil Empire to be non-negotiable. The US government sanctions countries that refuse to bow to their anal agenda. Now, the leader of the dominant traditional religion of the West is on-board with forcing this anal agenda on the entire world.

The reasons for this are not simply related to the fact that Washington, DC is the gayest place in the world. (Although Washington is the gayest place in the world, which is not an irrelevant fact.) The reason homosexuality is so important to the Evil Empire is that in order to accept homosexuality as normative, you have to abandon every element of your traditional cultural identity. You cannot have a traditional culture, religion, or social order existing alongside normalized, publicly celebrated homosexuality. No traditional culture on earth is compatible with this. Therefore, by accepting homosexuality, a people surrenders their entire identity to the Empire. This leaves a void, which is then filled with the “culture” of America, which is based entirely on materialistic, atheistic, nihilistic, selfish and totally alienating consumerism.

Through the aggressive promotion of homosexuality, the Evil Empire based in Washington hopes to turn the whole world into a mixed mass of interchangeable peasants with no allegiance to anything other than their own material desires. This is a completely malleable population. If you have no allegiance to nation, to tradition, to religion, you are the most easily controlled human conceivable.

This is the Vampire Ball. They are attempting to turn every human on earth into food, into fuel for their infernal machine of domination. It’s a machine that eats not only flesh, but human souls.

This orgy of blood is coming to an end. Everything is all lined up now. It’s just a matter of watching the dominos fall.

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