The War For Your Mind: Can You Make Someone A Mass Shooter?

The War For Your Mind: Can You Make Someone A Mass Shooter?
Nobel prize winner John Nash, a schizophrenic

Sometimes things really are connected.

It’s precisely at the moment when Joe Biden is cracking down on organized crime with its ties to foreign governments that we are seeing an uptick in mass shootings.

Consider the following:

  • Sandy Hook took place right as the Russian sanctions went into effect. The shooter Adam Lanza’s house was bulldozed by Manafort Brothers — the same firm that got the contracts for the cleanup of the World Trade Center. Oh yes, it’s the same Manafort family to which Paul Manafort is related.
  • The bomb threats on Jewish American synagogues was committed by an autistic Israeli teen who was seemingly paid millions in cryptocurrency for his efforts.
  • This Allen shooting, led by Hispanic white supremacist, took place right after the conviction of the Proud Boys, led by a Hispanic white supremacist.
  • A plane crashed into the White House right as the 1994 crime bill was signed. The date? September 12th, 1994.

To understand the first four events, it helps to analyze the current conditions under which we find ourselves.

To read about Frank Corder is to realize that there are some of us that are just not really fit for modern society.

On April 15, 1993, Corder was arrested for theft and was arrested again later that year on October 9 for drug dealing. He was sentenced to spend 90 days at a drug rehabilitation center and was released in February 1994. After he was released, he was living with his third wife Lydia at Keyser’s Motel in Aberdeen, Maryland. Lydia Corder left Frank three weeks prior to the incident, which is thought to have driven him towards deep depression and suicide.

Ah yes, the treachery and impermanence of third wives!

And then there’s this bit.

Friends claim he bore no ill will towards President Bill Clinton and probably only wanted the publicity of the stunt, based largely on his sentiments towards Mathias Rust’s flight of a Cessna 172 from Finland to Moscow, USSR. The President was not even in the mansion at the time due to renovations, but was instead staying at Blair House.

Could it have been true? Or could it be an elaborate cover for what was really going on? Could a deeply indebted, deeply drugged up guy have been encouraged to fly the plane into the White House lawn?

Who put Corder up to it? And if he was persuaded to carry this act out, was the persuader a geopolitical actor?

If you don’t think these mass shootings or mass casualty events have a geopolitical implications you aren’t paying attention. Other countries are starting to issue travel advisories for their citizens over gun issues but what if it isn’t really just the guns?

What if it’s us and what’s being done to us?


There’s this term “stochastic terrorism” floating around on the Internet. It’s from the disinformation industrial complex and come initially from Gordon Woo who wrote a paper modeling September 11th style terrorism risk. What does “stochastic terrorism” actually mean?

To be honest I find the notion of “stochastic terrorism” a little ridiculous — a sort of clever linguistic dodge for what’s really going on. This isn’t an actuarial problem where people convert to violence after enough stuff goes viral. (Surely this “stochastic terrorism” is measurable. Has anyone measured it? Of course not.)

No, these shootings — these killings — are an espionage problem.

There always has to be a person acting — a first mover if you will — and it takes a lot of work to kill another person. It helps if you have someone do it that’s already totally desensitized to human suffering—or a true believer zealously devoted to a cause.

How to find these people and how to get them to do truly horrendous things is something that takes place over time and which is oftentimes the work of a nation state. We do have a lot of crazy people in this country and yet no one seems to move on a great many things.

These malefactors know that it’s hard to kill another person. People don’t want to do it. If you’ve ever fired a gun at another person you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s not easy pulling the trigger even if they are shooting at you. Adrenaline and instinct take over.

Now some militaries work quite expressly at this sort of thing — breaking people down — and they start with the young — child soldiers if you can get away with it! — and the easily manipulated. Who are the real groomers?


Here’s how the latest shooting works in practice.

Russians process anti-social Hispanic white supremacist and turn him into a mass killer. They find him on OK.RU — a sort of Russian MySpace. (Everyone serious knows that all social media in Russia is controlled by the Federal Security Service.)

Jewish advocacy groups and reporters then find — or is it handed? — all his social media posting where he hates on Jews. It was odd that the “very Jewish” Aric Toler of Bellingcat is the one who unearthed the shooter’s alleged social media. (Toler had volunteered for Bellingcat in 2014 and serves as Director of Training and Research.)

These Jewish groups then use the shooter’s social media posting about Jews to ban anyone criticizing Jews, especially for their misbehavior in Israel.

Anti-social men notice and post more about Jews, thus heightening anti-Semitism.

Only in America!

Were it up to me I’d ban discussing of mass shootings on social media. I’d especially crack down on those bot nets which amplify those messages. Might our social media companies be somewhat responsible? Of course they are. Good luck finding anyone other than President Biden to hold them responsible.


suspect there’s actually something much more sinister going on — a sort of sales channel — which is instrumental in the kind of covert war going on against America. This stuff is straight out of America Against America — the Wang Huning book we’ve discussed at length. It’s straight out of the anarchist cook book, the fetishization of the Unabomber, and so on and so on.

suspect further that a lot of the people processing our deranged and dangerous people are foreign nationals who, safe in the confines of their Tel Aviv, Beijing or Moscow industrial parks, can wreak havoc by chatting up and encouraging our crazies to do crazy things.

I don’t really suspect this, I know this … But how I know it is something I’m supposed to keep to myself. For now. Don’t push me.

For now all we have to know is crazy mass casualty event takes place. People post social media supporting the shooter. Collect all their user names. Assign them a handler.

Sometimes the work is done seemingly easily. In some cases those crazy people post on Telegram — a Russian controlled platform. In other cases they post on Facebook which is crawling with Russia, Chinese and Israeli spies. These malcontents have a way of making their presence known.

The very same social media technology that allows advertisers to spy on you can also be used by foreign intelligence services to spy on you.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the killer in Allen had a Russian social media site. Nor do I think it’s all that surprising when Chinese websites like Tik Tok encourage their youthful denizens to commit socially destructive behavior. A friend of mine had a Chinese guy ask him if he knew where to buy guns to do a mass shooting in a Clubhouse space. I’m sure Clubhouse — backed as it is by Andreessen Horwitz and all that Chinese cash — is going to get to the bottom of it any day now.


Let’s say you were looking for crazy people. Where would you go? You might consider cults.

I’d like to know what really happened with David Koresh in Israel and why he set up camp in… checks notes… Palestine, Texas. Koresh and his followers spent two years living in buses and tents. When the shooting started with the ATF a young Alex Jones descended on the compound and built his media career. Why did Jones want to rebuild the church anyway? We never find out.

In the modern age we betray ourselves all the time by what we post online, by what we leave behind. Your digital footprint gives you good indication of the inner workings of someone’s brain.

Maybe a foreign intelligence officer can identify them from their social media history. Or maybe even from their DNA. The dark triad is, after all, highly heritable.

There’s even an effort to present these mentally ill types as somehow philosophical, somehow deserving of consideration.

Perhaps an obsessive interest in mass shooters is itself an indicator of a predispossession to them. How else can we explain copy cats? Or how the shooters make homages to each others’ “high score”?

We should call them what they are “antisocial malcontents.” Every society has them and ours is no different.

Ideology is way, way downstream from mental illness or genetic predisposition.

Certainly this sort of thing could be used to build a background check but who shall build the background check? It would have to be rigorous, it would have to be scientific, and even then it’s doubtful it could get buy in.

As far as I know there’s no effort to genetically sequence all mass shooters. Why not? Why isn’t there an executive order requiring every mass shooter to be processed?

Ever single homeless person should be genetically sequenced too just so we know what we’re dealing with. Facial recognition could be helpful. You could tell who had priors that way.

Otherwise people are going to feel as if their life is in danger because it may well be.


In New York and many of our major cities we may well have gone from Broken Windows to broken souls.

Jordan Neeley, who died on the Subway, loved using k2 synthetic weed, according to media reports.

I wonder why is weed not seen in a stochastic way?

Can you make someone schizophrenic? And if you can, what liability should the legal cannabis industry face?

After all, the latest research suggests that there’s a tendency for habitual marijuana use to increase schizophrenia within the population, particularly within men.

How should we think about the foreign governments and their allies pushing legalization?

Consider some headlines:

Records show Russian oligarch and former Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the US cannabis industry

“The [California Department of Cannabis Control] has reason to believe that Chinese triads have been participating in illegal cannabis cultivation for several years in Northern California,” David Hafner, a DCC spokesperson, said in an emailed statement. (“Triads” is a term used for specific organized crime groups that have a long history in China and have been caught trafficking drugs around the world.)

Canadian cannabis company Tilray soared Friday after Privateer Holdings, the investment firm backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, said it had no plans to sell its 75 million shares any time soon.

If the Russians/Chinese/Israelis are increasing the schizophrenics in America surely this could be seen as a form of an attack and certainly feels this way.

Will we treat it this way?

We ought to.

Ted Kaczynski as an assistant professor at UC Berkeley in 1968. He became a schizophrenic after the MK Ultra experiments run against him. Why are there so many efforts to make him into a philosophic figure?

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