True Goyim Alex Jones Pushes Back Against Fuentes

True Goyim Alex Jones Pushes Back Against Fuentes

This is just disappointing.

From The Daily Beast:

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has gone to war against white nationalist Nick Fuentes and Kanye West.

The boiling over of tensions follows Jones hosting the duo on his show last week, where the now-infamous rapper proclaimed his “love” for Hitler.

On Tuesday morning, however, Jones attempted to distance himself from West and Fuentes while being interviewed by right-wing YouTuber Steve Crowder. One of Jones’s central claims was his argument that Fuentes and West have a “homoerotic” fascination with the Nazi Party leader and genocidal dictator Adolf Hitler.

“There is this Hitler fetish. And no, I’m not into dudes in fancy peacock military uniforms that, by the way, got 22 million Germans killed,” Jones said, apparently taking issue with Fuentes and West’s admiration for Hitler. “Hitler was horrible, screw Hitler, burn in hell Hitler,” he continued.

This is what happens when you aren’t willing to part with your tranny porn. You do whatever Jews say. I love Alex Jones, but he is acting as the enemy here by trying to make Nick and Ye look as bad as possible.


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