Trump Responds to Indictment Over Secret Documents

Trump Responds to Indictment Over Secret Documents

Andrew Anglin

President Donald Trump has responded to his indictment over his alleged kidnapping of secret documents.

You’ll remember that this is what the Mar-a-Lago raid was about. Like all presidents, Trump took some documents out of the White House when he left (which, by the way, he never should have done).

The basic argument there is that it is impossible for him to have taken classified documents, because the president can declassify anything, and the mere act of taking them would have declassified them.

It’s unclear how these indictments are going to affect his campaign. Most people at this point do not care, but what you’re going to see is a concerted effort by the bought-and-paid-for conservative media to say that Trump can’t win because he has all this “baggage.”

It’s anyone’s guess how that will play out in the minds of the Republican voters. These people are not very smart, but a lot of them are also very loyal to Trump.

We are talking about a massive psychological barrage by all conservative media, however. This will come from Fox News, Daily Wire, and basically every other outlet. They will all, in unison, be saying that Trump can’t win.

It’s actually true that Trump can’t win, because mail-in ballots have been institutionalized. No one but the Democrats can ever win an election again. That’s just reality. However, in my view, it would be much better to have Trump be the nominee so he can at least call out the fraud. Ron DeSantis will just say “oh, well, we’ll get ’em next time.”

I don’t really have a lot to say about this. I basically agree with Trump’s talking points about it being a complete hoax and a continuation of the series of hoaxes against him, which started with the Russia hoax before he was even president.

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