Trump’s PAC Is Bleeding Millions

Trump’s PAC Is Bleeding Millions

Their goal is for Trump to not run in 2024. They will do everything in their power to make sure he’s not the Republican nominee. This cannot happen organically.

New York Times:

Former President Donald J. Trump’s political action committee, which began last year with $105 million, now has less than $4 million left in its account after paying tens of millions of dollars in legal fees for Mr. Trump and his associates.

The dwindling cash reserves in Mr. Trump’s PAC, called Save America, have fallen to such levels that the group has made the highly unusual request of a $60 million refund of a donation it had previously sent to a pro-Trump super PAC. This money had been intended for television commercials to help Mr. Trump’s candidacy, but as he is the dominant front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2024, his most immediate problems appear to be legal, not political.

The super PAC, which is called Make America Great Again Inc., has already sent back $12.25 million to the group paying Mr. Trump’s legal bills, according to federal records — a sum nearly as large as the $13.1 million the super PAC raised from donors in the first half of 2023. Those donations included $1 million from the father of his son-in-law, Charles Kushner, whom Mr. Trump pardoned for federal crimes in his final days as president, and $100,000 from a candidate seeking Mr. Trump’s endorsement.

The extraordinary shift of money from the super PAC to Mr. Trump’s political committee, described in federal campaign filings as a refund, is believed to be larger than any other refund on record in the history of federal campaigns.

No other candidate has been as loved by the people as Trump is. DeSantis is mildly liked by boomers who still listen to talk radio; that’s his main competition on the right. At this point, many normie leftists view DeSantis as more extreme than Trump, with Florida being viewed by them as a Neo-Nazi utopia. Moderates are nostalgic for the Trump era. Every honest person is.

Drain him of his funds. Purge his team. 24/7 media slander. Throw him in jail. It’s all happening out in the open. Will he be able to push through? Can another rigged election wake up the goyim? We’ll have to wait and see.


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