Tucker Carlson Is A Traitor To The White Race

Tucker Carlson Is A Traitor To The White Race

“So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.”

– Revelation 3:16

Tucker Carlson is worse than Trump at this point tbh. You could argue Trump has had his hands tied by outside forces. Tucker only has a TV show. If he lost that he would still do very well with online content. He just wants to make money. His end will be that of a Judas if he doesn’t change his ways. He never talked about stop the steal or election fraud. When the race riots happened he made it a class issue. He props up faggots that are controlled opposition at worst (I’m thinking of Raw Egg Nationalist in particular) and misguided centrists at best. How hard is it to tell the truth? It’s not class, It’s race. The election was stolen. Talk to actual soldiers against ZOG, or at least name those that are raping our country. That’s your job.

Recently, Nick Fuentes came out and has hinted at Tucker working in the background against him. If this is true, this man deserves to live in a box outside. He’s no different than a Joel Osteen. A false prophet. He is no longer useful to the dissident right and should be considered an enemy.


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