Virulent Daily Beast Jew Claims America is Doing Great

Virulent Daily Beast Jew Claims America is Doing Great

A virulent Jew named David Rothkopf has put out an article for the Daily Beast claiming that America is in much better shape than we think!

He’s literally claiming that America is stronger both home and abroad after the COVID-19 hoax than before it.

It is really amazing how these Jews can just put out such obvious and transparent lies. This is the worst economy I have seen in my entire lifetime. People do not have anywhere near the purchasing power that they once had as evidenced by all the credit card debt and the inability of people to afford basic necessities.

America is also objectively weaker abroad than ever. You can see this through what happened in Afghanistan and how countries are rushing to strike deals with Russia and China.

This Jew is a liar and he is lying to run cover for all of his fellow Jews who destroyed America and turned it into the horrible cesspool that it is.

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