Family Guy Pipeline Incident

Family Guy Pipeline Incident

What is most important to our three main adversaries? Jews care about money and their place of power. Women care about their sexual market value. Niggers/assorted groups that terrorize the lower class just want to survive. Women, it’s easy really, just need to be raped. Criminal blacks and everyone else need to be locked in jail forever. You can’t rape or lock up subhumans without going to jail. That’s why going after Jews is number one always.

We replicate the methods they used to acquire influence and wealth and use it to destroy them. Kikes live in centuries so they have worked on developing the American project to exclusively benefit them indefinitely. We do the same. Make sure racist incels are in every nook and cranny of the societal infrastructure. This is the only way forward.

From Urban Dictionary:

The Family Guy Pipeline Incident is a “related search” algorithm glitch on TikTok started by Family Guy clip accounts that used oddly satisfying videos of a metal pipe being filled with cigarettes and carrots, purportedly to avoid copyright strikes. Due to both visuals of the Family Guy clip and the pipeline video in one TikTok video, the algorithm recommended the search query “family guy pipeline incident” in the comment section. This started in mid-November 2022 and garnered interest as to what the algorithm-invented “incident” was.

The “Family Guy Pipeline Incident” then became associated with a trend called Family Guy Jumpscares, referring to a phenomenon on TikTok when parody Family Guy clip channels added random jumpscares of creepy imagery into the seemingly innocent videos to catch the viewer off guard. The bait-and-switch media trend became prominent in late 2022 and ultimately made fun of the secondary “ADHD video” underneath most Family Guy clips, often showing mobile app gameplay or ASMR adjacent content.


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