What Really Determined The Future?

What Really Determined The Future?

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Jews did a good job of creating a universal humanist identity. This could’ve been the ruling identity of the planet for all of time, but now people mostly see it as a Hobbesian nightmare. If Jews were just a little less impulsive and paranoid, they could’ve gotten away with it.

It’s interesting how English Puritans created capitalism, which led to individualism, which lead to a Dionysian counter revolution in The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. You can see how this trajectory was stronger than basic petty nationalism and won during/ after WW2.

Anglo individualism decided the destiny of all Aryans up until now. We’re post Christian, post nationalist, post humanist. All of those systems have lost credibility. The anarcho tyranny and plebeianism of humanism forces us to return to racial identity.

Really, all forms of petty nationalism and Christian nationalism boils down to the descendants of Irish, Italian, and Mexican peasants trying to cope with living in the shadow of Anglo secular empire, Jewish mythology, Napoleon, and Hitler.

Anglo identity can be seen as a combination of Norman imperial civilization, plus rigorous bourgeois intellectual and economic life, plus Dionysian individualism and liberty. But would the English have won WW2 without Churchill- an atheist, white supremacist, aristocrat?

So what really determined the future? British aristocratic political dominance, or the Anglo revolutionary spirit? Either way- nationalism and Christianity don’t provide a coherent civilizational alternative to our current anarchy.

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