White Imperium

White Imperium

In the previous chapter, I have presented the almost unbelievable evidence that, faced with the ultimate catastrophe in all human history; the only response of most of our side has been to follow the enemy.

Before I proceed with a presentation of what can and must be done to stop this suicidal insanity, I must pause to reinforce in the mind of the reader that this struggle is not only “for keeps”, but that loss of the struggle will mean slaughter and terror such as this planet has never before experienced.

The Jews and their colored allies behind the hell in the world today are not fooling; they do not use half-measures. They kill their enemies.

For an unimpeachable witness to the bloody, murderous nature of the Jews, one has only to inspect their own words. They boast about it.

In the early centuries of human history, all races and groups did plenty of killing. But only the Jews and other Orientals have ever wallowed in the blood and gloried in the agony and bizarre slaughter of their victims, with a depraved hate.

If this sounds too extreme, pick up the Jewish Torah (the Old Testament) and read the first few chapters as history. The men whom the Jews worship as their “saints” and “prophets” were the bloodiest gang of massacre-artists in all history, by their own testimony. Everywhere they went, they delighted in slaughtering all those who “pisseth against the wall” (as they like to put it), sometimes going still further and murdering even the pigs, cattle, and cats and dogs of their enemies.

Edward Gibbon provides another historical example of the oriental-Jewish propensity for murder, in his monumental and authoritative Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. On page 384 of edition published In London in 1783, Gibbon writes:

>From the reign of Nero to that of Antoninus Pius, the Jews displayed a fierce impatience of the dominion of Rome, which repeatedly broke out in the most furious massacres and insurrections. Humanity is shocked at the recital of the horrid cruelties that they [the Jews] committed in the cities of Egypt, of Cyprus, and of Cyrene, where they dwelt in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives. . In Cyrene they massacred 220,000 Greeks; in Cyprus, 240,000; in Egypt a very great multitude. Many of these unhappy victims were sawed asunder according to a precept to which David had given the sanction of his example The victorious Jews devoured the flesh, licked up the blood, and twisted the entrails like a girdle around their bodies.

Too few Americans are aware of the fact that in modern times the most frightful gang of killers ever spawned in America is not the Mafia, but a gang of Jews from the Lower East Side of New York City.

Murder, Inc., was based in the Greenpoint District of Brooklyn and run by the Jew, Louis “Lepke” Buchaiter. In the tradition of the Torah Jews and the Jews mentioned by Gibbon, who sawed people asunder and danced in the streets wearing the entrails of their victims, the bloodthirsty Jews of Murder, Inc., specialized in trussing up their victims alive and then stabbing them to death slowly with ice-picks-for cash! No other group of killers for pay has ever equaled the bloody, Jewish, Murder, Inc.!

>From a hard-to-find book called Murder, Inc. about the clean up of this gang by the former Attorney General of New York, Thomas E. Dewey, I copied down the choice characters as they appeared in the book. Take a look at the names of the people involved in this Jewish murdermill for money.

AL GLASS Carl SHAPIRO Max “The Jerk” GOLOB Irving “Chippy” WEINER “Abbadabba” BERMAN “Waxey Gordon” WECHSLER Bo WEINBERG Emanuel “Mendy” WEISS “Tootsie” FEINSTEIN Sholem BERNSTEIN Hyman KASNER Jacob “Hooky” ROTHMAN Mickey COHEN (You’ve heard of him.) Charlie WORKMAN Mert WERTHEIMER “Pittsburg Phil” STRAUSS “Pretty” AMBBERG (This “Abe” WAGNER Jew specialized in murder “Bugsy” GOLDSTEIN by torture with an ice pick.) “Bugsy” SIEGEL (Another one you’ve heard of) “Dopey Benny” FEIN Benny “The Boss” TANNENBAUM Abraham “Misfit” LANDAU “Big Harry” SCHACTER Meyer LANSKY Joey AMBERG “Gangy” COHEN Emanuel “Manny” KESSLER “Puggy” FETNSTEIN “Dandy Phil” KASTEL Frankie TEITELBAUM “Longy” ZWILLMAN “Lulu” ROSENKRANZ Isidore “Curley” HOLZ Charlie SOLOMON Paul BERGER Lou COHEN “Wolfie” GOLDIS Abe SLABOW “Nig” ROSEN Yasha KATZENBERG “Fat Sidney” BLATZ Max RUBIN Allie “Tick Tock” TANNENBAUM Charlie YANOWSKI Moses “Moey Dimples” WOLINSKY Max SHAMAN “Happy” MELTZER Moses “Moe” SEDWAY AL SILVERMAN Harry “Big Greenie” Lou GLASSER GREENBAUM Willie SHAPIRO Jacob “Gurrah” SHAPIRO Max BLECKER Sam GASBERG Harry MILMAN Arnold ROTHSTEIN “Muddy” KASOFF Joey SILVERS Hyman YURAN “Fatty” KOPERMAN Solomon “Jack” GOLDSTEIN Izzzy FARTISTEIN

And many others, all JEWS.

During World War II, the Nazis were supposed to have been the ultimate in brutality and ruthlessness. But the fact is that they failed precisely because they were not as ruthless and brutal as the enemy.

Almost all the guerrilla fighters behind Nazi lines have since turned out to be Communists-and Jews. When these Communist “partisans” started shooting German soldiers in the back from ambush during World War II and murdering troops and civilians by blowing up trains, the Germans responded by shooting some hostages, but almost always with a certain restraint. The inevitable result was always a more bitter resistance by the Reds, because when you strike a blow at a determined enemy, it must smash him completely-or it only fires him up to greater resistance, hatred, and strength.

When you use terror, as the Jews know all too well, it must be total.

Observe what these Communist lovers of humanity did in the Katyn Forest in Poland during World War II. The U.S. Senate investigated this unspeakable atrocity, and you can check the facts in the U.S. Senate report on the massacres there.

As soon as the Communists overran Poland, the Jewish commissar in the Red army gathered all the officers of the Polish army-not just the top ones, but every officer in the Polish army15,000 of them-marched them out into the Katyn Forest, and systematically slaughtered them. They buried these 15,000 Polish officers in acres of mass graves.

When the Germans got control of Eastern Poland they found the mass graves.

They called in the International Red Cross to inspect the site right after they found it, and then invited two top U.S. Army Colonels to see, with their own eyes, this bloody evidence of the nature of the Jews who were leading our “gallant Soviet allies” (as I was being told at the time). Roosevelt and his gang gagged these two U.S. officers and threatened them with court martial if they ever opened their mouths!

My point in picking out this tiny bit of evidence of the nature of the monsters we must fight is to show you a pattern-a pattern of systematic extermination that will quickly destroy us, our people and our whole civilization, unless we stop it!

The Jewish masters of world revolution never take any chances on attacks behind their lines. They know that most people don’t move without leadership of the elite of their group-the natural leaders-just as your hands won’t move without the leadership of your head. So the Jewish revolutionists systematically, coldly, smash the “head”.

That is why they killed all the Polish officers (not a few hostages, as the Germans might have done)-the whole leadership corps of Polish strength. Beheaded, the Polish people never again caused the Reds any real trouble.

One of the latest refinements in the Jewish technique of “beheading” whole peoples and movements is used more and more frequently in the Soviet satellite states of Europe (which were given to the Reds by traitors in the U.S. government).

The wily Jews running things from behind the scenes in these unhappy Soviet work-colonies have discovered and put to use an absolutely devilish scheme to keep any resistance to Jewish tyranny from ever succeeding.

>From time to time, these calculating Communist friends, just like their brethren in Murder, Inc., cold-bloodedly plot, organize, and pull off a “rebellion” against themselves.

Secretly, they permit the arming and organizing of a “resistance” they themselves have promoted. They watch it develop, sometimes helping it if it seems to falter. Their “Radio Free Europe” has this devilish purpose, for example.

As soon as they feel sure it has rounded up all the best and most daring potential leaders of the people, they precipitate open rebellion, which lets them swoop in and exterminate the latest and newest crop of leaders-which is what they were after in the first place!

This actually happened in Hungary in 1956!

This calculating deviltry has the added advantage that the tortured people begin to be aware of how they have been suckered, so that any future leaders who try to organize any resistance are instantly treated as enemy agents provocateurs by their own peoples, no matter how sincere. It is impossible for resistance to develop in such a fog of suspicion.

In recent centuries, the Jews have found an even easier way to kill off the hated goyim. They get us to do it.

My brother used to be the bouncer in a roughneck dance hall. Since my brother is anything but a tough guy, I asked him how he survived as a sort of “cop” among all those brutal hoods.

He answered, “Whenever I find a tough who is drunk and causing trouble, I go find a bigger tough, usually just as drunk, and tell him I need his help. I build up his ego, make him feel important, and convince him the other guy is an “enemy”. He goes over and throws the other guy out, and then I lock ’em both out.”

For a least a hundred years now, the Jews have been working this diabolical scheme on White nations the world over.

Whenever I travel from our Arlington, Virginia, headquarters to our printing and production plant, down in the Virginia countryside between Washington and Richmond, I pass through some of the most blood-soaked ground in America, battlegrounds of a war in which more White Americans were slaughtered than all the rest of our wars combined! (People forget that the so-called Civil War was our greatest bloodletting, far surpassing World Wars I and II and all our other wars.)

Sometimes when I see one of the little historical markers on the highway. I stop the car and walk out into the quiet hills and meadows where armies of brave young Americans killed each other. As I stand there on those long-silent battlefields of Bull Run, Manassas, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, or Chancellorsville surrounding the national headquarters and printing plant of the American Nazi Party, I can almost hear the bugles and shouts of those hundreds of thousands of the finest youth on both sides; the rebel yells-stopped suddenly by a thrust of cold steel in the gut and changed to a scream of terror and death. I can hear the animal grunts as my brothers, on both sides, work hard at the bloody job of stabbing, shooting, cannonading and clubbing their own white brothers to death by the hundreds of thousands-all on behalf of swarms of half-ape Negroes who are now tearing up America! I am not ashamed to admit that, standing there in the peaceful silence of the countryside and visualizing thousands of our heroic young lads killing and dismembering each other on those battlefields, I cannot hold back the tears.

The so-called Civil War is far enough back in history, today, so that many Americans on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line can begin to see, at last, the tragic folly of this fratricide. For many years now, as I write this, the “Southern Democrats” and the “Conservative Republicans” of the North have been standing together, at least in some Congressional struggles, to try to repair some of the crazy damage done to our White Race on the bloody battlefields of the Civil War.

The Civil War was not fought to “preserve the Union”, as the propaganda goes, but to serve the commercial interests of the racial agitators who provoked that war with their “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” propaganda and their sob-sister, hypocritical “love” of the Blacks. These same racial agitators happily and greedily brought their colored friends over to America by the boatload when it paid (up until 1808, when the slave trade was stopped). But as soon as Southern commercial competition seemed inconvenient to them, as soon as there was no more cash in selling the Blacks, then their hearts went out to the poor, persecuted half-apes they had so recently delivered in chains from Africa, for gold, for cash, in the great sailing ships of the North.

The Civil War was only the first of the “Wars of Racial Suicide” of our people, the first of the hundred-year marathon of mutual slaughter of White Brother by White Brother (and now that air-bombing is possible, the slaughter of White Sisters, too, by White Brothers, as we did during World War II when we slaughtered a quarter of a million of them fleeing from Communism in the beautiful, nonmilitary, defenseless city of Dresden).

Nothing is so completely insane and suicidal as the eager rush of White men all over the world to murder each other by the millions whenever it suits the Jews and their lying, liberal friends to set us at each other’s throats.

The Jews have only to use their newspapers, television, radio, books, magazines, and school texts to poison our minds, and different groups of White men can be fired up to murderous rage against each other, time after time. The Jews have only to tell us of the “atrocities” committed by some other group of White men, and we slaughter them by the millions. Always it is the best manhood among us that is killed off in these fratricidal wars, since the less able are left home as “4-F’s” while the best potential fathers go off to the slaughter. And of these “best” who do go to the slaughter, it is always the cream of the crop of the best of our manhood who get killed first, since they are the ones whose idealism and courage lead them to be the volunteers in the first assaults and on especially dangerous missions.

Whenever any segment of the White Race appears to the Jews to be on the road to recovery of national health (and therefore ready to flush out the germs of Jewish degeneracy and disease), the Jews simply go to work on all the rest of the White world (exactly as predicted in the Protocols) to inflame the rest of us against our own brothers.

They lie to us that our White Brothers are the “enemy”, that our White Brothers are “torturing and murdering babies and innocent people”, that they are planning to “conquer” us and enslave or murder us, that they are “beasts”, that all humanity cries out for us to go and smash our brothers-always on behalf of these Jews and/or Negroes-and for the last half century, on behalf of the Communists. What did the American majority get out of World War I or World War II?

Did we save the world from Tyranny? No!

Did we make the world “safe for Democracy”? No!

Did we gain any land or great, rich prizes-any mines or colonies? No!

All we got were headaches, responsibilities, and more little spit-in-the-eye wars, anti-American hate, Berlin Walls, “Foreign Aid” handouts, Koreas, Vietnams, Cubas, and endless riots and crime at home.

That is the standard pattern of our “wars” today-mutual suicide of White against White, followed by the handing over to Communists, Jews, and Negroes of more and more of our territory, wealth, rights, and power, and the disarming of any real opposition to Jewish-led scum as a form of treason to the “American dream”.

As long as the Conservatives are too cowardly to face up to this fact, and continue to blast real anti-Communist fighters such as the German National Socialists, and now the American Nazis, we will be utterly defenseless against the wily Jews. You cannot claim the “truth” as your biggest weapon, and then crawl at the feet of the Jews to tell the biggest lies of all times about Adolf Hitler and your own fighters!

To see the psychological folly of the Conservative position on Hitler and the “Nazis”, just imagine the effect if there had been large numbers of rich Mexicans living in the United States at the time of the fight at the Alamo. Further, let’s suppose that most American newspapers were owned and controlled by Mexican-Americans, so that our people heard nothing else but that Davy Crockett and his gang of “war-criminals” were committing “aggressive war” by seizing Mexican property at the Alamo, while Santa Anna led the “democratic” forces of “justice and mercy”.

Any American who questioned the evilness of Davy Crockett or who doubted the goodness of Santa Anna would never get a hearing, but would be immediately dubbed a “Mexican hater”, an “anti-Mexican”-and then be driven into poverty and disgrace.

Unless somebody had the guts and integrity to tell the truth about the heroism of Davy Crockett and his men at the Alamo, America itself would soon be completely in the hands of the Mexicans!

That’s what the Jews have accomplished by scaring or swindling American conservatives into joining the Jews in their hate-Hitler and anti-Nazi campaign of lies and filth.

Without the inspiration and heroism of men like Crockett and Bowie and Travis, we can’t win our wars, When you become so depraved and cowardly that you can be scared into cursing your own heroes, you have lost the power to survive-history has already marked you for the ash-heap.

in 1932, when the conspirators managed to get Franklin Roosevelt and his Jewish gang into the White House, they planned an open takeover for their Communist world revolution. America had been lied to, primed with a terrible depression, and sold the Roosevelt bill-ofgoods. It would have been a cinch.

But the monkey wrench in their machinery of world revolution was Germany, which was the key to the control of Europe. Unless Germany could be seized, or at least rendered powerless (as it now has been), world Communist victory would be impossible.

At the last moment, a strong man arose and seized the initiative from the scheming Jews. Adolf Hitler managed to win back to sanity and honor so many millions of good German people that the weak government was forced to give Hitler legal power, by the will of the people.

Adolf Hitler fought the Alamo of the White Race. He held off the colored forces of racial suicide, the forces of Communism, the forces of arrogant Zionism, and the forces of international money-manipulation long enough for a few men like myself to wipe the Jewish cobwebs out of our brains and start the long battle to awaken our people and free them from the menacing spectre of Jewish and colored world tyranny.

Hitler purchased, with his own life and the lives of millions of young German men, the precious time for us to be able to wake up and organize to resist the Jews and Negroes, just as Crockett and his men purchased with their lives the time for General Sam Houston to organize to resist the Mexicans.

To get back to our Mexican-American analogy, can you imagine how the Mexicans would have been doubled up laughing (in private) if at the time of the Alamo, all American leaders were denouncing Crockett and his men as “a gang of hoodlums”, “war criminals”, “bullies”,

“Huns”, operators of Mexican “slaughter camps”, etc., while at the same time these American leaders were heaping endless praise on their wonderful, patriotic Mexican “friends” here in America, and sending every kind of help and aid to Santa Anna, calling him “Good old Uncle Santa”-just as Truman referred to Stalin as “Good Old Uncle Joe”?

But there’s more to the Conservative madness.

Today the Jews have actually got the Conservatives in America repeating in chorus; like a bunch of parrots, “Communism and Nazism are the same thing”! (This allows the Conservatives to “prove” to the Jews and Red terrorists that they, the Conservatives, are just as anti-Nazi as they are anti-Communist!)

This bit of madness must have the Jews rolling on the floor, holding their sides in agonies and paroxysms of laughter.

To get the full flavor of this “Communism-and-Nazism are-the-same-thing” madness, I must ask the reader to bear with me a moment while we return to the Alamo analogy. Imagine, if you can, all the “respectable” men and patriots of the time, all doing lots of profitable business with Mexicans, swearing up and down to their Mexican friends that while they were proAmerican, they were certainly not “anti-Mexican”!

To equal the madness of the present day “patriots” saying, “Communism and Nazism are the same thing,” these “patriots” of the Alamo days would have to be bowing up and down before their Mexican business partners like figures in Black Forest clocks, repeating over and over, “We’re not Anti-Mexican. In fact, we’re just as much against Crockett as we are against Santa Anna. In fact, Crockett and Santa Anna are the same thing! They are both shooting and using guns!”

It’s really as simple as that, although, when you are right in the middle of it all, and you yourself are subject to the terrorism and smear and loss of job and fortune arranged by the Jewish lovers of democracy, it may be hard for you to realize the full depth of this anti-Hitler madness for a while.

In historical perspective, William Buckley putting Max Lerner, Jacob Javits, and a long parade of vile, pinko, Red, and Zionist Jews on his TV program and treating them like noble and honest Americans while he cannot find enough words to curse and damn me or anybody else who dares tell the truth about Adolf Hitler, will be downright funny (if we survive long enough to laugh).

For a hundred years, the Jewish agitators have doubled and redoubled the rate at which we are killing off our best, by pitting brother against brother in endless, silly wars we always lose and they always win.

The Jewish aim is and remains the wiping out of the best of the goyirn”, as the Talmud puts it. They keep getting us killed – now by the millions – while they increase and grow stronger. In the beginning of this chapter I mentioned that there was one other Oriental group beside the Jews that has distinguished itself in history for the magnitude of its slaughter and bloodthirstiness – the Mongols.

There is nothing else in ail history to match the record of hideous mass cruelty and murder of the “Golden Horde” of Genghis Khan.

The same Asiatic strain in the Jews that produces such a love of slaughter and cruelty is found in its pure, original form in the savage Mongol.

When this yellow beast of Asia rises up and stalks the earth, the Great Writer of history dips his pen in blood and prepares to write chapters of death, suffering, and destruction. But that was hundreds of years ago. What could Genghis Khan have done with a hydrogen bomb, today?

Unless you, White Man, can muster the will to make yourself think that chilling thought, and do something about the approaching time when it will happen, you will find out, and your children will learn the ancient meaning of the ‘Yellow Peril” – the colored peril.

The Jews have gathered up the colored peoples of the earth, armed them with the ultimate weapons of atomic energy, and agitated them to unlimited dreams of world conquest.

As I write, our “experts” keep expressing more and more “surprise” at the speed with which Red China is progressing with a deliverable H-bomb!

Only a fool could fail to see that the world is rapidly approaching a terrible climax in which the most historic decision in all human history will be made: the long-awaited Armageddon, or “Ragnarok”,

Every year, every month, every week, and every hour, we get closer to that terrible moment when Red China, allied with black Africa, India, black America, and the rest of the colored world, will have the power to launch at the White nations of the world rockets with H-bomb warheads. China already is within months of being able to devastate White America and White Europe.

We comfort ourselves with the thought that “they wouldn’t dare” – because we would blast them right back. If they kill a hundred million of us, we’ll kill two hundred million of them.

How silly can you get?

Immediately after the Reds took over China, they purposely murdered forty million people to “thin out” a population far too thick to support. All the colored nations have this same overpopulation problem, as we have already shown in the first parts of this book. China, India, and Africa would be blessed by the destruction of several hundred million extra hungry mouths.

If these colored races launch a swarm of H-bombs at us, a possibility our experts already admit, we could stop only a few of them. Most of them would get through, wiping out such cities as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, Houston, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Washington, We’d lose not only more than a hundred million of our people, but all the complex machinery which supports a modern, industrial society.

What we would destroy in “retaliation” against the colored world would not be “people” in the American sense of the word, but swarms of illiterates, miserable, barely existing coolies, cannibals, untouchables, anti beggars, who are worthless – an actual burden to their government!

The colored leaders do not fear “retaliation”! it would be a help to them!

Russia is realizing this more and more. There is a growing hostility and fear between Russia and China, because Russia realizes that China is less a Communist nation than a colored nationalistic nation.

Russians are “White”, and the Chinamen hate and attack them as “imperialists and exploiters” -just the same as they attack us “dirty American fascists”.

What’s ahead for our world, in your lifetime, is not a war between Communism and Capitalism, but a war of annihilation between the elite white minority of mankind and the swarming, inferior, colored majority.

Communism is becoming – in fact is – a colored world mutiny against the White Race. And the colored Chinese are within days or months of possessing the power to destroy all of us with out own atomic weapons (which our liberals and Jews have given to them)

While Johnson, DeGaulle, Kosygin, Wilson, Kissinger and the rest of the white ninnies, posing as “statesmen”, bicker and haggle with one another, Red China, harboring and training colored world revolutionists and terrorists, is organizing, on a worldwide scale too terrible and bloody for the Western mind to contemplate, a Genghis Khan horde of colored death for the White Race.

Once these colored men of the East possess the H-bomb and the ability to deliver it, nothing can stop the attack -and the destruction of the West!

They have everything to gain – and we have everything to lose.

They openly write about it, talk about it, gloat about it! And still our “statesmen” play medieval games of economic sanctions, power-balances, disarmament, etc., ad nauseam.

As long as the vast masses of the White men in all nations tolerate puppets and damned fools in positions of leadership, these puppets and liberals will play their childish games of 19thcentury “power politics” while the colored world and the Jews prepare for the racial Armageddon, using the White Man’s H-weapons to destroy him.

To survive, we must get these puppets and fools out of positions of power and influence, and install some tough, realistic leaders who will unite and organize us for survival. Such men will realize and make use of the basic fact of life that is so thoroughly forgotten by the fatheads in power today.

The central fact that is being forgotten in today’s insane world is force!

Liberalism and intellectualism have so blinded Western Man that the majority of us have forgotten the absolute and total primacy of force.

Every grain of sand on every beach in the world is where it is because of a force that put it there.

When superior force meets weaker force, superior force always conquers and annihilates the weaker. The liberals and mush-heads wish it were otherwise, and today’s artificial world of machinery makes it appear possible to them that force can be replaced by “reason”.

But this is as irrational and superstitious a bit of jungle “thought” as that of any witch doctor waving a lizard’s tail over a cannibal with a broken leg.

If good men abandon and denigrate force, then bad men will take it up and beat us to death with it.

When good men lay down their club, bad men will smash them with that club sooner or later.

If I get over only one single point in this book let it be this fact: that civilization, peace, and order depend, not on “good will”, but force, policemen, armies, and weapons.

Hitler put it more succinctly and more poetically than I could hope to: “The gentle Goddess of Peace can walk safely only at the side of the fierce God of War!”

Those who truly want to see a world of real order and peace, a world where men can live their lives with reasonable expectations of planning their futures and achieving goals without being shot, bombed, blown up, raped, burned, beaten to death in insurrections, eaten in the Congo, sent off to insane wars to die by the millions for nothing, and forever kept in spiritual turmoil and misery, must decide right now to work for the establishment of white unity and white mastery of the world.

There is no other alternative.

Only the White Race – always the White Race – has demonstrated, over the centuries, the ability to enforce peace and order in this world.

Ever since the British Empire abdicated, exactly as Adolf Hitler predicted, the world has plunger deeper and deeper into chaos, bloodshed, and terror.

Nothing can stop this continuing plunge, outside of an all-out drive by White Men to quit arguing about petty, relatively minor differences among them, unite as a Master Race, and enforce peace and order.

The whole world is in a state of riot, much like that in our cities.

The only way to restore order in a riot is with force: instant, sure, and dramatic force, applied with intelligence and as much justice as possible – but, above all, force.

That word, “force,” has been made a dirty word, today, by the Jews and their suckers who dream of peace through wormy weakness.

What used to be called our War Department, for instance, has been renamed the “Defense Department” – a subtle and apparently minor change, but a psychological retreat of enormous significance. This psychology of retreat and “defense” has robbed us of Nature’s primary gift to all her creatures, the will to fight to live and protect one’s own.

The whole White Race has been poisoned with this subtle defeatism and weakness.

The White Race was once the policeman of the world, and the world was orderly. Compared to the bloody upheavals of today, it was also relatively peaceful.

Unless the White Race can find the leadership, the wisdom, and the will once again to police the world, the planet will continue in the grip of increasing chaos and terror, until the jungle reclaims the survivors hiding in caves and holes like frightened beasts.

Only a united White Race, supremely conscious of its natural destiny, a destiny bequeathed it in the gift of superior birth, as a master race, a noble race able to create the wonders of Western Culture – only such a united race can muster the will and the strength to restore order to a world in the process of suicide and disintegration.

And yet, faced by the most hideous threat of all times, outnumbered ten to one, we find ourselves disorganized, demoralized, wallowing in defeatism, crawling at the feet of our own destroyers, and losing strength every moment. It is easy to fall prey to despair.

But there is another element in this cosmic crap game which must be taken into account if we are to make a correct judgment about the survival of our people and culture is the fact of the Jewish-Negroid-Mongoloid threat.

That element is timing – or, if you will, destiny.

The mighty White Race is brainwashed, filled with suicidal self-hatred, crazy about its deadly enemies, trivialized, doped up on drugs and lies, and apparently rushing headlong toward oblivion.

But the strength of the blood is still there, as we have shown in every war where the Jews have “turned us loose”.

Whenever as in World War II, the Jews wish us to be our ancient, ferocious, mighty selves, able to smash anything in our way: whenever they allow Natural Law to return to us, even in a temporary and wrong way, our people show themselves still heroes and fighters, not decadent weaklings, or in any way like the people of a dying culture.

The rumors of our death, to quote Mark Twain, are “greatly exaggerated”.

They are appearances only.

Let only a strong leader appear, let our people once see the real nature of their Jewish and colored “friends” (as is already beginning to happen), and the blood of our Viking ancestors will well up in a berserker rage which will sweep away the miasma of Jewish and colored poison gas from our lives as a lion sends a pack of vultures flapping with one lunge.

It is not yet our “time” to die.

Destiny has a way of doing her will in spite of all human efforts to foil her, both when she is creating and when she is destroying.

Destiny brought forth the greatness of Rome when it was time. Arid, when it was time, she cast it aside and made a way for the mightier Barbarians, sweeping down from the cool northern forests.

Destiny brought forth the British Empire, when it was time. And, after centuries of rule,

Destiny withdrew her blessing and the British Empire died – when it was time.

Destiny is even now, in America, conceiving the new imperium of our time, the White Imperium – the unification of the White Race and its conscious racial mastery of the Globe.

In spite of all signs of death and disease, deep within the vitals of our race is growing the embryo of that unity and that White Imperium which will last for its thousands of years, and destroy all which stands in its way.

Destiny simply will not be thwarted or swindled, even by such master swindlers as the Jews. The Jews have let the colored genie out of the bottle, armed him, agitated him, directed him to “sic” the White world, and set him galloping on a mission that the Jew hopes will turn the world over to the Chosen Ones.

But the latest moves of the African and Asian hordes remind me of that dramatic paragraph one of the most dramatic in all of English literature – written by Somerset Maugham, which conveys my meaning as no other exposition could:


There was a merchant in Baghdad who sent his servant to market to buy provisions and in a little while the servant came back, white and trembling, and said “Master just now when I was in the market place I was jostled by a woman in the crowd and when I turned I saw it was Death that jostled me She looked at me and made a threatening gesture: now, lend me your horse and I will ride away from this city and avoid my fate. I will go to Samarra and there Death will not find me.”

The merchant lent him his horse, and he dug his spurs in its flanks and as fast as the horse could gallop he went. Then the merchant went down to the market place and he saw me standing in the crowd and came to me and said, “Why did you make a threatening gesture to my servant when you saw him this morning?” “That was not a threatening gesture” I said, “It was only a start of surprise. I was astonished to see him in Baghdad, for I had an appointment with him tonight in Samarra.”

Today, the colored untermenschen of the world, the scum, the beggars, cannibals, untouchables, and all that sorry swarm let loose by the Jews are riding hard upon their horses, charging at full speed, Spurring their mounts to furious gallops, racing faster and faster and faster to Samarra.


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