Why Do You Trust Those Who Lie To You?

Why Do You Trust Those Who Lie To You?

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Think about this for a moment.  The facts are in.  Big Pharma’s Covid “vaccines” have a high death rate and a high health injury rate.  We know this from a number of official sources, such as Pfizer’s internal documents the release of which was ordered by US federal courts and from the release of the New Zealand data by the official data administrator.  We also know it from countless scientific peer reviewed studies that every effort is made to suppress.

It is obvious that if the official data showed that the Covid “vaccine” was not dangerous, the authorities would release it, and it would not have to be leaked by data administrators or ordered released by courts. 

Now ask yourselves and your friends what it means that the official health authorities of allegedly accountable democratic governments not only suppress the information but demonize and arrest those, such as New Zealand’s data administrator, who make it public.

Ask yourselves why the media discredits and supports the arrest of those who tell the truth in an attempt to save lives.

Ask yourselves why public health agencies and HMOs continue recommending the deadly “vaccine” when the “vaccine” has a proven record of being deadly.

Ask yourselves why the public trusts authorities who are out to murder them.

Do you understand that the Covid “vaccine” still in use are doses approved under the emergency use authorization?  The subsequently approved doses  have not been released.

Why?  The reason is that the emergency use authorization in the US prevents lawsuits for damages, but the approved use batches do not.

Obviously, the “vaccine” makers and the authorities  understand that the vaccine is dangerous and requires use under emergency use authorization to avoid liability.

The people who died from Covid, instead of from the “vaccine,” died from the withholding of the known proven cures–Ivermectin and HCQ.  The cures had to be withheld, because under the law if a cure existed, emergency use could not be activated.  So in order for Big Pharma to make billions of dollars by killing and injuring the health of unsuspecting citizens, the cures were suppressed, and people died needlessly. Political and health authorities blamed the deaths on the unvaccinated.  The corrupt media lampooned Ivermectin as “horse medicine.”  And Americans  fell for the outrageous lie and died.

This is America.  Are you proud of your government, media, and health establishment owned lock, stock, and barrel by Big Pharma?

Are you a Proud American or one shamed to Hell by “your” government, “your” health authority, and “your” media?

What are you going to do about it?

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