WORLD WAR III IMMINENT?? Prepare to Die for Gay Rights!

WORLD WAR III IMMINENT?? Prepare to Die for Gay Rights!

Since the beginning of the Russian special military operation in the Ukraine, US and NATO diplomats have been pushing for another world war without any consideration for those who will be forced to die in it. It began with the US pledging support to the Ukrainian military, and quickly devolved into a proxy war between the West and the Russian Federation.

This week, President Biden announced the next step which will surely inflame tensions between the two civilizations.

President Joe Biden has authorized the military to call up 3,000 reserve troops to support operations in Europe after tens of thousands were sent there last year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a top general said Thursday.


The U.S. rushed 20,000 more troops to Europe after Russia’s invasion, bringing the total to over 100,000 on the continent. That includes new rotations of 10,000 troops in Poland, which has emerged as a critical hub for supporting and supplying Ukraine.


New American cluster bombs have arrived in Ukraine, after the Pentagon announced the controversial decision to send them last week, Sims said on Thursday.

This should come at no surprise. The US and its NATO goonsquad are itching at the chance to plunge all of Western civilization into another brother war. Our “leaders” would jump at the chance to have all of the White, Christian patriots die in a fiery war and then laugh about it as they sip their champagne and molest innocent children.

Family Portrait (1950) : r/OldSchoolCool

Nevermind the fact that their sons and daughters would never see a lick of conflict. They couldn’t care less about the wellbeing of their constituents. They see us as pawns in a game of Risk, a campaign for global domination at the expense of the average American citizen.

On the bright side, maybe this will be the turning point where the US domination of the global community will cease because of opposition by the American people. Maybe American citizens will put up such a powerful resistance that the government will have to relent and end this pointless war. Maybe Putin will negotiate a Havaara-style agreement with the US allowing American dissidents to flee to Russia or China in order to defuse the domestic political situation.

Only time will tell. I for one will NEVER die for this gay, satanic government that is dead set on blaspheming Jesus Christ, mutilating the genitals of children and persecuting White people simply for existing. God willing, a major shift in the neo-liberal geopolitical system will occur and we will finally be freed from the chains of slavery that White Americans find ourselves in.

Btw, Destiny tried to claim on Fresh & Fit that the US military doesn’t have any boots on the ground in eastern Europe. What a fucking retard lmao.




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