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Shing is dead for good

Bob has spent the last few months trying to create some competitor to destroy cozy.tv because of some bullshit reason that no one cares about. He had to shut down his site twice because no one is giving him money to keep the site up. Now he is shutting down shing for good and moving on to another future L.



This dude just can’t take the L. He is going to waste more of his time and money in trying to make a failed competitor to cozy.

This guy has a business in online advertising and he’s using his precious time making a cozy.tv killer over some stupid edrama from a long time ago.

I hope that he eventually just accepts defeat and move on from this. Because being remembered as some boomer who wasted everything in trying to destroy cozy over dumb edrama isn’t the way you want to be remembered by.

I think its over Bolsonaro bros