Fried By Fluoride – Blackpill Beach

This summer im swimming aloneGot no friends and i got no hoesAll these hot girls walking aroundMakes me wish that i would drown Ooooo At the blackpill beachOooooAt the blackpill beachOooooAt the blackpill beachOooooAt the blackpill beach, the blackpill beach Next summer im killing myselfSo […]

Preripped – idontdodrugs

straight edgy drinking by myself in the darkits easy to see, im pretty fuckedwishing i could be happy but i guess i forgotto snort up the good times and blow out the snot idontdodrugs at least not that muchi’d rather be doing you insteadim fucking […]

Negative Xp – Gamer

Gamer is an album comprising of many songs that Negative XP released individually on SoundCloud, with tracks relating to video games and people who play them with stereotypes of violence and loneliness. The artist has revealed that he does not play video games very often, […]

Crustsox – The Mold

searchfor something to make you wholebut nothing ever willjump deeper into the holefind your will killing me slowlyits taking my bodyand slowly but softlyyou hug me and watch mego limp i’m so sorryfor being nobody to youif there’s god, he musthate me, i know that […]