Microgamma Bold Extended – Luddite 1. Microgamma Bold Extended

Recorded on a Tascam Porta 01 4 track, Beyerdynamic and Shure Unidyne microphones in the 1990s. Guitars; 1965 Fender Mustang, 1970s Columbus fretless bass, 1950s Hofner Congress Keyboards; Teisco 60P, Logan Piano Strings Synthesizer, Boss Dr Rhythm, one of those white Casiotones with the chord […]

Weatherday – Come in

My debut album as Weatherday. It’s recorded in my bedroom mostly, but also in a rehearsal space, a cabin in the mountains very far away from where I live, the bog very near from where I live and in the city during the hour everyone […]

the Microphones – the Glow pt. 2

NOTE: There are 20 hidden bonus tracks included with the purchase of this album, so it’s 40 tracks total. Those bonus tracks are also available on their own as “Destroyed Versions and Other Songs” for those who only want that part. “The Glow pt. 2” […]

Parannoul – To See the Next Part of the Dream

I still remember the first korean indie musician I heard. His music was so amateurish and difficult. The next musician I listened to had a great influence on my music life. However, his music was not promoted properly. Now they are all living their lives, […]

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II