Compound Of Uranium Is On Fire In Tennessee

Compound Of Uranium Is On Fire In Tennessee

What’s going on with all these disasters lately?

The news has sucked for the last month or so. It’s become a problem for me personally, if I’m being honest. How am I supposed to come to terms with the world naturally falling apart? I need someone I can blame. I want to be the one to tell you that Jews created the nigger that killed your brother. These disasters are most likely manufactured distractions. I couldn’t tell you why; sometimes the government just wants to see how much they can get away with. All these events are happening in the Bible Belt. You could infer they are trying to weaken the southern area due to its strong independent population. To be real, that sounds kind of retarded. Most likely, it’s all a distraction from how awful things really are. The normies loved when the pandemic hit because they felt like they were in a movie and that they could give themselves a break. You can still hear some of them use covid as an excuse for being failures. When the world is ending, does it really matter that you cheated on your girlfriend and smoke weed every day? Yes, it does, actually, because our fall will last for decades. You go to bed with the choices you make.

I got off topic as usual but the point is everything sucks now. Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to die from radiation poisioning than from the punishment for your sins? I suppose it’s whatever comes first at this point for most of you.


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