Covid Was An Orchestrated Event

Covid Was An Orchestrated Event

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Early into the “Covid pandemic” it was clear that the pandemic was a hoax.  It was orchestrated by false news scare stories, by the use of a PCR “Covid test”  that produced 97% false positives, a test whose inventor said was in no instance an indicator of Covid infection.  

It was orchestrated by refusing treatment of Covid patients with known cures such as Ivermectin.  Instead of treating Covid patients, patients were told to go home, and if they got worse to go to the hospital, where the treatment was to be put on ventilators, which killed the patients.  Indeed, hospitals were paid a bonus for every patient whose death was attributed to Covid.  Consequently, almost everyone who died, even from motorcycle accidents, were reported as Covid deaths. 

Eventually a doctor caught on and produced a video showing that ventilators were the death agents.  Patients were dying from the ventilators rather than from Covid.  The original medical assumption was that Covid resulted in pneumonia for which antibiotics and ventilators are treatments. But the problem was different.  The Covid virus interferes with the ability of blood cells to carry oxygen, like fentanyl does, an overdose of which killed George Floyd.

Ivermectin is an effective preventer and cure, but its use was prohibited by the “Covid Protocols.”  No cure could be admitted to exist, because if a cure existed, there could not be an emergency use authorization for an untested vaccine to be marketed.  It is for this reason only that Ivermectin and HCQ, another cure, were prohibited. If they were acknowledged as cures and preventatives, the mRNA “vaccine” could not have been marketed under emergency use authorization. 

Americans were scared, so of course they couldn’t think.  They rushed to the intended “vaccine” which promised falsely to save them.  We know now that the vaccine is neither a preventative nor does it prevent transmission.  We also know that the Covid virus manufactured in labs with funding from Dr. Fauci at NIH turned out to be too weak of a health threat to achieve the goal of population reduction.  Numerous studies by real scientists, not the whores on Big Pharma’s payroll, have shown that the Covid “vaccine” has killed far more people than the manufactured and intentionally released Covid virus. 

We don’t know if the dangerous Covid mRNA “vaccine” is a mistake or an intention.

Independent experts have predicted that everyone who had 2 Covid jabs will be dead in 10 years.  But now a new discovery has emerged.  It turns out that properties in the vaccines might have caused a concentration of the dangerous elements  to accumulate in 5% of the doses.  If this in fact is true, then only 5% of the inoculated are doomed to die.

Even today with the publication of massive evidence that the most stupid thing a person can do is to take another Covid “vaccine” jab, medical authorities continue to recommend Covid jabs even for children.  In other words, the truth continues to be suppressed.

What this demonstrates  is the total control Big Pharma has over the medical profession.  There are examples of knowledgable independent doctors prescribing Ivermectin for their Covid patients and the pharmacists refusing to honor the prescription because of the Big Pharma propaganda, supported by Fauci, President Biden, the media, NIH and CDC, endlessly propagated by the presstitutes that Ivermectin was  a “horse medicine” dangerous to humans.

How many times in the future will Americans allow themselves to be lied into self-damage by orchestrated fear?

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