Elon Caused Me Embarrassment with Fake Clips – Here Are Some Real Hamas Kills

Elon Caused Me Embarrassment with Fake Clips – Here Are Some Real Hamas Kills
Andrew Anglin

I watch all my war footage on Telegram, because I’m banned from Twitter and it’s useless anyway. However, I need Twitter to embed on this site, because Telegram embeds are a mess and don’t really work.

So, yesterday, I needed some Hamas war footage, showing how bad ass Hamas is, and I just went and searched on Twitter. I just grabbed the ones dominating the results, and two of them were fake – from the wrong war or whatever.

I was able to correct the article quickly after someone noted the problem, but it’s still very embarrassing for me. I want to lay the entirety of the blame on Elon Musk and his mass censorship program.

Elon Musk is from Africa, and he hates America because America believes in Freedoms. He came here to try to destroy our freedoms. He wants to help the government force people to put computer chips in their brains.

The shit-eater Musk literally gave Ben Shapiro a rimjob on a public podcast. He banned me for masturbating to a picture of a woman, then he goes on to literally give Shapiro the rim treatment live on air.

What he does is he either bans or “down-ranks” anyone posting the real shit, so that when you search “Hamas tank” on Twitter, you get maybe a couple of real clips, and then a bunch of stuff that disinformation and spam accounts mislabeled as Hamas footage, which is actually from Syria or whatever.

So, I got Elon’d on a couple of clips yesterday. I apologize, because I in turn Elon’d everybody who saw the article before I updated it.

Thankfully, I have helpful followers, and although I’m sure they use Telegram for their war clips too (because it is so much better, it is what everyone into wars does – Telegram also won’t ban you if you need to rub one out), they took the time to find some of the best real shit that I can embed.

So, here’s some serious real shit showing the extent to which Hamas is dominating.






Please notice: there are no Israeli infantry.

Israel doesn’t have any infantry in Gaza.

It is all just tanks on joyrides.

These Jews can’t play Counter-Strike 2 against Hamas. Hamas is too good. The Jews would get smurfed in a cartoonish way.

The only fighting force on Team Jew that would stand a chance trying to clear out the tunnels is the US Marines.

While giving the Jews every advantage – making sure no one else can join the battle – the US has refused to send in the Marines, and as long as that is the case, the Jews can’t do anything but flood the tunnels or gas them.

Maybe Jews did close the handshake and have Gaza City surrounded. There’s no evidence, but maybe they did that. Presumably they will soon if they didn’t already. But encircling the city with tanks doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t make it any easier to send in infantry to the city. Hamas is underground. They’re in the tunnels.

I say the Marine could do it, but the Marines couldn’t deal with Vietnam’s tunnels.

Hamas tunnels are presumably much better, simply given that Hamas has had access to more modern digging equipment (though the Vietnamese were able to link the tunnels to a natural cave system, so maybe it’s about equal, I don’t know – the point is, tunnels are serious shit, and they allow a much smaller and less technological force to dominate).

As long as the tunnel system is functional, two dudes can pop out and headshot an entire Jew unit before the kikes can swivel their necks – let alone swivel their tank gun.


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