EU Drafting Censorship Guidelines to Protect “Democracy”

EU Drafting Censorship Guidelines to Protect “Democracy”

The European Union is drafting guidelines that will be used to censor any material that they consider to be disinformation or hateful. They are saying that this is needed to protect “democracy.”


You can’t have a “democracy” with speech censorship. A “democracy” assumes that every person is smart enough to have a say in how things run. Therefore saying that people can’t access certain speech or information because it might make them vote the wrong way is the opposite of what “democracy” is supposed to stand for. You can’t claim to protect “democracy” and be for censoring materials. You are opposing “democracy” by doing this.

This is like saying that you are trying to protect McDonald’s fast food restaurants by banning burgers, fries and soda.

Or saying that you are trying to protect sex brothels by banning prostitution.

The entire premise put forth by these EU bureaucrats is patently absurd and stupid. It is a lame excuse to ban speech because free speech threatens to undermine the morally bankrupt and corrupt political system that is the EU.

Take in point how badly the EU was freaking out over the Tucker Carlson interview.


No legitimately strong democratic institution would fear a simple interview. It just shows how weak the EU and all these other ZOG entities are becoming.

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