Just Think For A Moment

Just Think For A Moment

Lately, I’ve had a lot of time to think, reflect on and converse about how sick this society really is. From birth people are trained in day-cares and later in schools and other institutions not to think freely but to be conditioned and prepared for service to the System. In other words: to be cogs in the system, to be unthinking lemmings and to in one way or another participate in and thus perpetuate this unnatural society.

Just think for a moment; Millions of innocent animals are slaughtered to feed grotesque slobs every day, to keep people alive so long they get dementia, Alzheimer’s, and a host of other illnesses (it is NOT natural to die of “natural causes”. We live in a society where countless animals are tortured for the sake of “science” in hopes of perpetuating the life of diseased humans. We live in an unimaginably hyper-Capitalistic consumerist society that produces sp much unnecessary waste that there are now several Texas sized islands of plastic floating in the pacific. We live in a society where vast amounts of money and resource are used to cruelly keep retarded children alive (in a healthier ancient society such unfortunate anomalies were killed). And for what? Because we live in a society where every single human life is considered sacred just because it is human life. So of course this includes all the weak, frail, stupid, and ugly. In truth this is the arrogance of “humanity”.

If you are to try to drop out of society like Manson, Kaczinski, or as others admirably have: you will most certainly be attacked by the system’s pigs and likely end up in a place like where I am. The system needs it’s slaves after all, if people sought to be free from the System’s subjugation, the system wouldn’t be able to function properly and they can’t have that. If you’re currently part of this society, working your job, et cetera, all the so called “benefits” of such endeavors should somehow be towards society’s destruction. And if the thought of “Getting in trouble” worries you, stop reading this, walk over to your television (if you’re silly enough to own one), turn it on, sit down and be a pacified vegetated loser.

“The greater and more essentially revolutionary an idea is, the more activistic its membership will become, since the revolutionary force of a doctrine involves a danger for its supporters, which seems calculated to keep cowardly little shopkeepers away from it.”
– Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf

This is not a revolutionary thought or idea, it is just being a man. For thousands of years, if not hundreds of mousands of year, man has fought and died for his freedom, just as any creature would. It is only in today’s society that people either don’t care about being free or they find comfort in just complaining and rabble- rousing about their bondage and subjugation. Why do you think old westerns, stories of vikings, apocalyptic entertainment are so popular and demanded in the media? It’s because of deep in the subconscious of man, the freedom they see in such things is longed for, and missed, as we were not always enslaved as we are today. I know that if can’t live my life in true freedom and autonomy outside the system: I would at least die happily trying to.


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Hatchet Harry

Thank you for posting this 🙏
Not sure if you knew him (given the letter was reposted these days prolly not). But ..they just don’t make men like him nomore. Don’t know how I found ur chan but I’ve been obsessed over terror aesthetics all day. Tysm

Dm me if you wannna chat 🙂
See ya brother

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