For God, for Hearth, and for Race

For God, for Hearth, and for Race

The noon-day train will bring Frank Miller
If I’m a man I must be brave
And I must face a deadly killer
Or lie a coward, a craven coward
Or lie a coward in my grave.

-from “The Ballad of High Noon”


The Europeans have been to the mountain and have stood on holy ground. And they have stood on holy ground because they embraced the little human things that lead us to God. St. Paul is the greatest of all theologians because his epistles are addressed to small groups of individual human beings. All transcendent thought comes from a concern for particular human beings. Shakespeare’s “simple” stories take us to the heights and depths because Shakespeare is concerned with the human heart, not with theories about humanity. And likewise the incomparable Burke; his letters are irreplaceable works of genius because he wrote them from his heart, without moral blinders on, to stir the hearts of other human beings who still had hearts that lived.

Modern Europeans have contracted a brain fever that has gotten into their blood. Until that fever breaks, there is nothing that can be done with them. They will continue to worship the negro and try to appease the lords of Liberaldom. But if that fever should finally break! It would be like water released from a gigantic dam. All of Liberaldom would be washed away. Do we know the day and the hour of that great cleansing?  Of course we don’t, because the human heart and God’s grace are mysteries. But when the European’s fever breaks, the moral blinders will be removed from his heart, and he will dream dreams and see visions again of a Babe in a Manger and a Man of Sorrows.



On the instant stood revealed, as though he had blown down the ages, a pure Goth, unchanged in any essential since his fathers had left their forests and through all obstacles, even through ranks of Roman legionaries, sword in hand had hewn their way straight to the goal of their desires. He was a Goth in all his appetites and habits, a Goth unchanged, unfettered. True to his instincts, true to his traditions, fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating with all his heart—a Goth.

-Thomas Nelson Page in Under the Crust


The liberals spew out venomous lies on a regular basis and call the lies ‘news stories.’ And then they have the audacity to call the real news sites, such as Breitbart, ‘fake news’ sites. Of course the liberals know that they are lying, but lying is permissible in a war, and the liberals are engaged in a holy war against the white race. In a war you never tell the enemy the truth and you try to win adherents to your side by putting out wartime propaganda. CNN and their ilk throughout the European world are propaganda networks; they are not news networks.

The alternative news sites, which are the only genuine news sites, do not put out lies, but they do, unwittingly, perpetuate a lie. That lie is the modern democratic lie, which says that people of different races and different religions can somehow come together and form a nation in which whatever differences they might have can be settled democratically. This cannot be, and the United States and the other democratic, anti-white nations of Europe have shown that a democratic, multi-racial, multi-religious state cannot be.

It is the liberals, not the Breitbart conservative types, who understand what is happening. We are engaged in a full blown war, but only one side, the liberal side, is fighting. While the liberals have made a commitment to do whatever it takes to turn Christendom into Satandom, the conservatives, the believers in democracy, persist in playing ‘pretend.’ They want to pretend that if you keep doing the democratic things – putting out news stories that are truthful, engaging in debates with your liberal opponents, and exhorting people to support the proper political candidates, you can win the democracy game. But the liberals are not willing to play by the rules of the democracy game. They are at war with the Christ-bearing people. It is no good to leave Christ out of the picture and claim you want nothing to do with Him, that you just want to be democratic. The liberals won’t listen — if you are white, you cannot be redeemed, you must be destroyed. The tragedy of the alternative right conservatives is that they have a vague desire to defend the white race, but they have no religious foundation from which to launch an attack on Liberaldom. Hence, they attack liberals through the democratic process. And that process is a circular road that winds around through hell.

The alternative-news-sites people give out mixed signals. The news they report gives us clear evidence that we are in a war with the liberals and the colored barbarians. Yet, the conservatives who put out the news act like we are living in a world where we are all in agreement about what is fundamentally important, while simply differing on the details of how we should remain true to what is fundamentally important. This disconnect, to report on the liberals’ satanic agenda and the colored barbarians’ atrocities as if it is simply business as usual, breeds despair in the white remnant. The white everyman tries to make himself believe that the old democratic ways will work, that he can vote, petition, and democratically debate his troubles away. But late at night, when he is alone in the darkness, he has a sense of impending doom. Something is wrong, there is a dreadful beast pursuing him, and he cannot shake the beast off by taking refuge in the democratic process. And the reason he can’t take refuge in the democratic process is because it is the democratic process that has loosed the beast upon the white everyman.

What is missing in the business-as-usual reportage of the conservatives is the passionate advocacy of an Edmund Burke or an Anthony Jacob. Those men not only reported on the liberals’ blasphemies and the colored barbarians’ atrocities, they were also advocates for the Christian European hearth fire. They didn’t just disagree with the liberals, they hated them. And they didn’t prefer a white system over other systems because they thought the white system was the ‘smart’ way to govern, they preferred their people over all other people because they loved their people. And that is the crux of the issue – the conservatives want to preserve some of liberalism – they are not comfortable with an outright advocacy of a white, Christian nation. But you can’t have just a little bit of liberalism, just as you can’t have a little bit of cancer. Once the cancer has appeared, it must be eradicated, or it will kill you.

Let me stay with the cancer analogy because, sadly, we all are familiar with that hideous disease. If a doctor tells you all the gruesome details of your cancerous disease, he is being no more than truthful, he is doing his job just as the Breitbart reporter who reports on the liberals’ blasphemies and the colored barbarians’ atrocities is doing his job. But what if the doctor tells you the horrific details without telling you about your chances for survival? Has he told you the whole truth? Or what if he tells you that your cancer can be cured by drinking enormous quantities of Coca-Cola and consuming large amounts of Twinkies? All of the grim atrocity stories should be followed by an advocacy of the Christian things – of honor, of kinship, and of the charity that never faileth. We should steer whites away from Coca-Cola and Twinkies political solutions, and toward the faith, blood, and soil solutions of our European ancestors.

I recently saw an interview with one of the practical, realistic breed of conservatives, who was discussing Europe. His conclusion was that Europe, particularly Germany, was finished. His analysis was quite rational and logical – Germany was being overrun by Moslems and Africans and the German people were incapable and/or unwilling to resist them. Rape, murder, and pillage is the German people’s destiny – that was the realistic, factual conservative’s irrefutable conclusion. Let me make a brief aside before responding to the conservative’s ‘realistic’ assessment: I’ve been blessed with many children. Yes, contra Planned Parenthood, I believe that children are a blessing. And of course, I love all my children, but I’ve noticed over the years that the intensity of my loving concern for an individual child is determined by his or her need. If one child is physically sick or especially troubled, my concern for that child is intensified. So it is with Europe. I love the European people with all my heart, mind, and soul. I am of Europe, and I only know Him in and through Europe. Ratty’s river and my Europe are one. (1) But my extra special concern right now is Germany. That nation, that child, is the most besieged and despised nation of Europe. Germany is, in terms of her danger and the hatred directed against her, a surrogate for all European nations. Our danger differs in degree, not in kind, from the danger that Germany is now facing. Like Will Kane and Shane, the German people, and all European people, are facing that “immediate and implacable moment” when they must choose to fight as Europeans were meant to fight – for God, for hearth, and for race – or to run like craven cowards before the liberals and their colored allies.

Let us go back to the practical, realistic conservative – “Europe, particularly Germany, is finished.” Case closed? No, it is not closed. The practical conservative has ignored, like Ivan Karamazov, the elephant in the room. Ivan makes a very good case, the very best case that can be made, against God. He places suffering humanity before Alyosha and challenges him to refute that crystal clear fact of existence: We suffer and die. What is Alyosha’s response? He simply says that Ivan has left out the one thing that tips the balance in favor of a loving God. Ivan has left out the Man of Sorrows, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

There are other facts of history besides Spengler’s facts of biological destiny. Human beings are not just biological entities. They have souls. Christian Europe is a ‘fact’ of history. The Europeans spiritual ascent in the past, as a people, is just as much a fact of history as is their current spiritual decline. Our individual biological destinies are written. We shall die in the flesh – but our spiritual destiny? That is not determined solely by biology. No nation of Europe is finished, because there is no telling what will happen if the European people act in and through the Christ of the European hearth fire. Certainly, the Germans — and the rest of Europe is close behind – have their backs to the wall. But we must not be willfully blind and accept Ivan Karamazov’s verdict as the final verdict. There is the Man of Sorrows: nothing is impossible with and through Him.

I’ve often pondered, and even more so now as the European light fades from off the face of the earth, why our Lord thought it was necessary to bring St. Paul front and center on the stage (for all the world is indeed a stage) of our salvation history. What did St. Paul bring to the church that the other apostles could not bring, at least not as well as St. Paul? The other apostles preached the Gospel, and St. Peter, albeit with divine prodding, extended the Christian message to the Gentile as well as the Jew. So what did St. Paul bring to the church? It is crystal clear if you read his epistles with your heart. St. Paul brought a passionate intensity to the Christian faith that was unconquerable. All the other apostles preached Christ crucified, Christ risen, but St. Paul set that message on fire and drove it into the hearts of his convertites. And St. Paul’s Christ was the Christ of the early Europeans that turned the more intellectual, Romanized faith back to its passionate Pauline roots:

The Nordic religion was not a religion of dread, or of magic formularies to propitiate hostile powers. Instead of covering its temples with frescoes of the tortures of the damned, it taught people not to be afraid of death. Its ideal was the fellowship of the hero with the gods, not merely in feasting and victory, but in danger and defeat. For the gods, too, are in the hands of fate, and the Scandinavian vision of the twilight of the gods that was to end the world showed the heroes dying valiantly in the last hopeless fight against the forces of chaos—loyal and fearless to the last. It is an incomplete but not an ignoble religion. It contains those elements of character which it was the special mission of the Nordic peoples to add to modern civilization and to Christianity itself.

– G. M. Trevelyan in History of England

The Europeans of the 19th century (see “The Sacred Heritage”) were faced with the same Jacobin and colored barbarian threat that we face now. But they turned back the liberal and colored heathen tide by returning to their Pauline roots. Charity, not rationalism, never faileth. It is not over: We are not facing the death of Europe, we are facing a possibility of death, “if these shadows are not altered.” The shadow of death, the death caused by liberalism, can be altered. We are not being defeated in every European nation because of the superior might of the colored heathens: We are being defeated because we do not see ourselves as one people, bound to each other by unbreakable bonds of faith and race. Once we unite what should never have been separated, our faith in Christ and our racial kinship, we will see the same European miracles that Alfred, Charles Martel, and the soldiers of Rorke’s Drift saw. +

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