Safety is the Fixation of Leftist Cowards

Safety is the Fixation of Leftist Cowards

An obsession with safety marks an ill society as an outbreak of blisters mark a sick man. When everything worth living for is lost, the only purpose left is to cling dearly to life no matter the cost. During the COVID pandemic freedom, normalcy and even the most basic joys of social interaction were traded away for a minute gain to public safety. South of our border, where a constitutional eccentricity has spared firearm ownership from the crusade to childproof everything else, even the most pro-gun politicians respond to shootings with more demands for ridiculous restrictions; officers in every school, bars on the windows, a single entranceway. ‘Give me freedom or give me death’ is a sentiment utterly alien to the modern American, and in Canada and Europe the situation is even worse. We try as best we can to remove danger from our lives. We die all the same, and only make the time that we have worse.

We have grown completely unable to accept tragedy. Cut off from the natural world, the death of a pet might be the only experience many children have with mortality. Many lack even that. They grow up with no conception of death and loss, nor any notion of anything beyond the safe world that they take for granted. More and more we expect safety everywhere. Our leftist society deprives us of any worthwhile values. John Lennon perfectly captured the postwar spirit when he dreamt of a world with nothing worth fighting and dying for. But men fight and die for the things that their lives lose all value without. When we surrendered those, safety and comfort to ease our hollow lives was all that we had left.

It ends not with physical safety. One has now a right to emotional safety too. We slap trigger warnings on any media that might even make us feel unsafe. We proscribe any behaviour that might make a woman uncomfortable as ‘sexual harrassment.’ The most pampered of all, the ‘oppressed,’ even have a legal right not to hear ‘hate speech’ that might threaten their feeling of safety. With no real purpose to live for, life becomes so unbearable that even the most mild discomfort must be stopped at any cost.

It is not the drive to avoid injury and seek comfort that is perverse, but the lack of any greater perspective. Even the most marginal increase in safety justifies the most drastic measures. Few will challenge the worth of safety, or assert any competing values. The harshest COVID lockdown critics fought over casualty numbers and the efficacy of masks, not the relative worth of safety. Critics of trigger warnings cite psychological studies; they either see nothing wrong with a supposed right to emotional safety at all times or are afraid to express their opposition in those terms.

Safety is the fixation of a moral coward. He that stands for nothing will kneel for anything. Recall the ritualistic prostrations to the ghost of George Floyd in 2020. Without strong moral principles we are easily cowed. Historically, free democracies like Rome or Athens demanded a willingness from the citizenry to die for their collective freedom. Our modern sham democracies demand nothing from us but that we avoid extremism; that we play along with the agenda of our rulers rather than actively participate and rule ourselves.

But not only the Trudeau voters that supported the lockdown deserve opprobrium. Moral cowardice afflicts our own ranks. How many refuse to write or speak out because they fear uncomfortable consequences, or have the money to spare but refuse to even donate because they fear that it could be discovered? They have even less excuse, for unlike the COVID crazies, they have moral values worth standing for. As long as we allow ourselves to be cowed, as long as we surrender our personal honour to keep our mouths shut and our heads down, we will never free our people from the antiwhite regime.

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