From The Fires of Charlottesville

From The Fires of Charlottesville

This week marked the sixth anniversary of the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville. Many of us here today might not have even been aware of the event at the time until hearing about its brutal aftermath on the news. Too young, ignorant, or blackpilled to care. This happening is not only history-making for its effect on politics but also for giving us an example of how the internet could change our reality. An offspring of the Trump administration and a precursor to the January 6th Capitol riots, all of this began with anons with keyboards. We later learned that powerful individuals leaned on each of these events to get their desired outcome. That doesn’t negate the spirit and energy that made these incidents run.

Each of these terrified the globalists in different ways:

Trump showed how the elections can be taken back.

Charlottesville showed how the streets could be taken back.

Jan. 6 showed the world that many still had hope.

A movement (the Alt-Right) that many sacrificed their lives to help build and innovate died in Charlottesville. In its ashes came a Phoenix, by the name of America First. Because of this, their efforts were not in vain. With each year our revolutionaries learn how to weave and spin the tricks of our adversaries in our favor. We’ve become more decentralized and the teens that saw how they charged James Fields for murder because he somehow gave a girl a heart attack with his car are now adults in the real world. 4chan preteens raised on /pol/ are being admitted into elite universities. The field was burned down but the seeds stayed and are still growing in the shadows, waiting for the sun. We were made from the fires. I am thankful for the good people on my side in Charlottesville. God bless them.


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