German Man Pretends to Be Jewish to Spread Holohoax Tales

German Man Pretends to Be Jewish to Spread Holohoax Tales

A German man who is not Jewish reportedly pretended to be Jewish so he could spread Holohoax tales to troll Jews. Jonathan Greenblatt who is Jewish and the head of a major Jewish terrorist organization in America condemned this practice and said that it harms Jews.

I appreciate Greenblatt denouncing this activity because it tells me that we need to see much more of this type of thing. I do not like Jews and want to see them harmed because they are a race of evil and demonic shitbags. As a result of my Jew hate I also want to see a rapid increase in anti-Semitism. Therefore, we need many more people saying they are Jews to make Jews look even more foolish than they actually are.

The Holocaust is a hoax but in Germany you will go to jail if you call it out as a hoax. So the only way any German can actually expose this hoax is by pretending to be Jewish and troll the whole Jew hoax. It’s also the only way you can criticize Jews in general.

Greenblatt complaining about someone pretending to be Jewish is really quite ridiculous though. Jews regularly pretend that they are WHITE in order to harm WHITE people. There’s been all sorts of memes about this Jewish behavior.



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