NATO Vows to Support Eternal War in the Ukraine as Zelensky Continues Whining

NATO Vows to Support Eternal War in the Ukraine as Zelensky Continues Whining

Andrew Anglin



Most of the headlines were about Zelensky crying and demanding he be immediately allowed into NATO. There were also a lot of headlines about how incensed the world is that this little Jew in the green outfit is angering everyone with his ungratefulness.

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However, NATO did promise this nagging, entitled little twerp a lot of weapons for his war of choice against Russia.


The United States and global allies unveiled new security assurances for Ukraine at a NATO summit on Wednesday, designed to bolster the country’s defences against Russia over the long haul while Kyiv strives for membership of the alliance.

The prospect of long-term protection from members of the world’s most powerful military bloc comes a day after President Volodymyr Zelenskiy decried as “absurd” a refusal to offer an invite or timetable for Ukraine’s entry into NATO.

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Ukraine has been pushing for rapid membership while fighting a Russian invasion unleashed in February 2022 that has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions.

Instead, a declaration by the G7 grouping of the world’s most industrialised countries launched a framework for bilateral negotiations to provide military and financial support, intelligence sharing and a promise of immediate steps if Russia should attack again.

Our support will last long into the future. It’s a powerful statement of our commitment to Ukraine,” President Joe Biden said alongside Zelenskiy and leaders of the G7, which is made up of the U.S., Germany, Japan, France, Canada, Italy and Britain.

We’re going to be there as long as that takes.”

Oh, wow.

He’s bringing back “as long as it takes.”

I thought he was supposed to be dumping that slogan as he approaches the election.

Swallowing his disappointment over the lack of a membership timetable, Zelenskiy called the outcome a “meaningful success” and followed a flurry of announcements of military aid for Kyiv.

“Today there are security guarantees for Ukraine on the way to NATO,” he said. “The Ukraine delegation is bringing home a significant security victory for Ukraine.”

Nevertheless, Zelenskiy pressed for more, and said he would raise Ukraine’s need for long-range weapons at a meeting with Biden at the summit.

“We can state that the results of the summit are good, but if there was an invitation, they would be ideal,” Zelenskiy added.

Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy secretary of Russia’s powerful Security Council chaired by President Vladimir Putin, said increasing military assistance to Ukraine by NATO was bringing closer a World War Three.

The only plan the US can possibly have is World War III.

The Ukraine has already lost the war. So what is the point of dragging it out, unless you plan to send in NATO troops eventually?

Frankly, the Democrats seem to want to get past the 2024 election before deploying US troops, as if we are in WWIII, it is going to be a lot more complicated to hoax the election. So that seems to be the general idea here: figure out a way to carry this along until after November of 2024.

If I were the Russians, I would want to finish this off before then.

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