The Massachusetts Situation

The Massachusetts Situation

Massachusetts was the first state in New England to be settled by Europeans in 1620 – over 400 years ago. For a hundred years, White men, women, and children fought for survival in the harsh climate of their new land surrounded by barbaric hostile strangers. With small bands of dozens or hundreds of men, they would dig in and defend their small settlements and colonies from aggressors wave after wave. They would set out into the wilderness and counter-attack Indian villages in retaliation, decimating their opposition and securing their children’s future on this continent with the sword. The Massachusetts state motto and the flag itself are a representation of this.

“By the Sword We Seek Peace, but Peace Only Under Liberty”

Through this process, New England was won by Europeans. This would not be the end of their struggle though. Relations with England, our racial kin from across the pond, were quickly deteriorating as New Englanders, Southerners, and your average Northwestern European American were quickly developing their own unique identity – and interests.

New Englanders, and Bay Staters, in particular, having endured generations of strife were again ready for war. This spirit is what crowned Boston as the “birthplace of the American Revolution”. Whether it was the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, the Sons of Liberty, or the, “shot heard round the world” at Lexington-Concord, our contributions to the independence of America are unmatched. Massachusetts put more soldiers in the field than any other colony during the Revolutionary War, and at its founding, the Continental Army was just under 50% comprised of Massachusetts natives. With this sacrifice, we played a pivotal role in building what used to be the mightiest nation the world had ever seen.

Yet again though, Bay Staters would answer the call to action and fight for their country in yet another epic war, the Civil War between brothers. Massachusetts contributed significant war material as a leading center of industry, most notably rifles from Springfield Armory, and sent almost 200,000 sons to the frontlines. For better or worse, Massachusettsians fought to abolish the institution of slavery – one of the first fatal errors on behalf of our leaders beyond New England’s borders. This was, “the original sin”, the first major governmental prioritization of profit over people, and it was the choice of southern aristocrats and plantation owners to import millions of Africans to European America for cheap slave labor. In good faith, we fought against this as a moral and practical abomination.

To put it simply, there would be no America without New England, and there would be no New England without Massachusetts. Words cannot express the importance and urgency of preserving the racial and cultural stock of these lands, and the way of life which stems from it. This is not unknown to our enemies who are working around the clock to, yet again, surround us with barbaric and hostile strangers who will consciously or not, tear away at the very fabric of our society. The Governor of Massachusetts, Maura Healey, has mobilized the National Guard and allocated over a billion dollars a year in FY 2023 & 2024 to relocate and settle hundreds of thousands of foreign-born African and South American migrants in the Bay State. This has come with major cuts to the healthcare system and public services while giving $15,000 bonuses to her staff.

The response to this has been anything but favorable, with protests outside of her home occurring regularly and even the Boston Herald going as far as to call the current phenomenon an, “invasion”. We are seeing challenges to the states, “right to shelter law” and towns organizing to relinquish their burden of having to house the migrants as seen in Milton, Massachusetts recently. While the electorate of Massachusetts is traditionally liberal, anyone who grew up here can tell you that Bay Staters are far from your Starbucks-sipping archetype. We believe that the liberal sentiment stems from concern and compassion for our people, and we set out to make sure that all Massachusettsans receive quality healthcare, schooling, shelter, etc. It has never been our interpretation or perception that these policy decisions are indicative of a greater masochistic self-hating venture to replace ourselves. We are a civilized and kind people, and we understand what struggle is like, but what is ours is ours and our people are getting that sentiment across in a plethora of ways. It is the People’s Initiatives’ role as the true representation and vanguard of New Englanders’ interests to articulate this sentiment as directly and coherently as possible.

We will work to address this current phenomenon in all of its forms and will continue to garner a popular movement of New England Nationalists to again secure what is rightfully ours. We still have enough time for this to be done peacefully, but we must act.

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